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What should i do in the event of a car accident involving other vehicle?

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As everyone of you knows the winter here in Canada can be quite bad and skiding on icy road is very common. Even though we may be driving properly and following all the safety rules of the roads, there are some stupid people who let their guards down and could potentially do harm to our car. When the weather gets really bad with thick snow on the ground, some people still continue at the speed of 60 km/hr the max limit, thinking that they have winter tires and they won't skid or lose control. They are so wrong and they end up with terrible accident. I have seen lots of accident happen on the street even on a clear day with no snow or rain and the roads are dry at the time. That is why i am afraid one day that those idiots drivers could cause an accident on my car and i want to be prepared as to what i should be doing when that happens. I understand that it can be stressful and scary especially if it is the first time an accident happened. It will truly help a lot of other people too if they had prior knowledge as to how to go about when accident happens. How do we contact our auto insurance company and what information is required to be obtained from the other driver of the vehicle involved in the accident.
asked in Miramichi by Josh Sinclair (195 points)

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