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Where in the car is the safest place to put the car ownership paper and the car insurance?

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A lot of the people will usually place car ownership paper and car insurance paper in the tool box area on the front passenger seat area. Some would hide it in between the compartment in the center of the two front seats. Some would put them underneath the seats in another drawer area. The reason why i am saying that these papers should be hidden is because if some thief stole your car, he won't be able to know who this car belongs to and where this car owner lives in the address shown in those papers. If the thief suddenly feels extra brave that day when he stole your car, he could continue to your house to the address shown in your car ownership paper and car insurance paper. There in your house, he could continue stealing some more stuff or he could spy on your activities to see when you are away most of the time. You wouldn't want strangers to know everything about your timings and schedules. This is how a lot of the house burglary takes place. So in case if a thief stole the car, they won't know the address of the car owner and at the most the thief will abandon the car later after having served his purpose of stealing the car.

Car ownership paper

Car insurance paper

asked in Edmundston by Jacob Lush (140 points)

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2 Answers

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Yes, it is very important to hide your car ownership and car insurance paper somewhere safe in the car because it contains your house address and if your car is stolen, the thief would know your house location and they will come to rob your house. But there is one disadvantage to hiding your ownership and car insurance paper, which is when the police stops you for any reason, they would ask you for the ownership and car insurance papers. At this time, you must let the police office know that you have hidden your papers at a specific location and then ask him for permission to reach for it. Do not move your hands without getting permission from the police officers. Any weird move could prompt the police officer to interpret your actions as aggressive and dangerous which will make the police draw gun on you. So always inform the police about the whereabouts of your ownership papers and car insurance papers.

It is a good idea to leave the car ownership papers inside your car somewhere safe so that if any one of your family members were driving your car and were stopped by the police, they can retrieve the car ownership papers. Always keep a copy of pink original car insurance paper in your car also. The ministry of transportation in your local area will only issue one piece of car ownership paper for you and the photocopy doesn't count, as once a friend of mine told me that a police officer won't accept photocopies. Whereas for your car insurance papers, the car insurance company usually sends you extra copies for you to keep in your car, wallets. Sometimes you can phone your car insurance company and ask them for extra copies of the car insurance papers and they would be glad to mail them to you.
answered by Abdul Fahari (146 points)
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Watch video on "The two original documents you need to have in your car at all times while driving in Ontario":

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