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Is it a good idea to delete the videos in my car Dash cam every day?

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I have a car dash cam and i turn it on every time i go to work and come back home. I have a 64 GB Micro SD card inside the car dash cam with plenty of space in it. But one day, a thought just occur to me that if someone were to break into my car and steal my car dash cam, he or she can simply turn on the car dash cam and find out exactly where i live or work and know what sort of pattern and schedule that i follow. He would also know which other places i have been to just by watching the videos stored in the car dash cam. If the thief comes to know my timings and schedule, he could possibly plan a house burglary when i am away for work and not at home. 

Car dash cam recorder

asked in Fredericton by Sireen Amari (120 points)

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i used to leave the videos in the car dash cam before but one day i also heard about how some thief was able to follow and figure out how to arrive at the victim house and stole stuff from the victim's house because the thief got all the directions and information they need through the stolen car dash cam. So these days i delete them every alternate days just because it gets tedious deleting the videos every single day and i get lazy quick. You won't need a Micro SD card with lots of memory space. Even a simple 16GB Micro SD card is good enough since you will be erasing the videos often. Only if there are some videos that you feel you need to backup and keep, then you can download those videos from your car dash cam into your desktop or laptop computers. But then you can delete the videos from your car dash cam after you have confirmed successful transfer of videos from your car dash cam into your computer hard drives. Some of the newer car dash cam models have the feature of car crash sensor which means that it will permanently record the video into the memory card if it detects a car accident occurred. In this case you cannot delete the file videos even if you wanted to do so because it is part of the feature that is in built in to the car dash cam with the car crash sensor feature. This is to prevent unauthorized people from trying to delete the videos for the fear of showing evidence against them in court later. Lets say an accident happened to your car and you are left quite knocked out cold and it was not your fault but the fault of other driver who caused the accident. If the other driver finds out that you did have the car dash cam installed in the front dash board area, the other drive would be tempted to erased the videos as this videos could serve as potential witness to his fault in causing the accident. This new car crash sensor feature locks in the file videos when the accident happened and the videos cannot be deleted.
answered by Steve Martin (170 points)

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