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Is it true that excessive masturbation contributes to hair loss in Men and Women?

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This might seem one of the most stupid thing i have ever heard but there must be some logic in the statement. I first heard it from a friend of mine and he says that he really experiences a faster rate of hair loss after excessive masturbation. I don't know about if women experience the same problem too, I never got a chance to ask a women about it. If that was the case then how come some Men in the porn industry still has a lot of hair although they are actively engaged in sexual activities. I believe it all depends on a person's own body mechanism. I have yet to see any scientific explanation for such contribution factor to hair loss in men and women.

Masturbation hair loss

asked in Miramichi by Anthony Miller (169 points)

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2 Answers

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Although i haven't seen any medical evidence pointing to hair loss due to reason of excessive masturbation, i feel using my common sense, that the statement does hold true in some ways. When a guy masturbates, the level of testosterone increases dramatically in his body. As scientific evidence have proven that hair loss's main culprit is the presence of large amount of testosterone in a person'a body. So you can see there is a link that by increasing the level of testosterone through masturbation, the rate of hair loss in a person also increases.

However, this only applies to person who are experiencing hair loss and people who are not having hair loss are not affected with the increased level of testosterone. People without hair loss problem can have a very high level of testosterone in their body and still not experience any hair loss. The reason being that their hair follicles are programmed genetically not to be affected by the presence of high level of testosterone. Testosterone also cuts off the amount of supply of oxygen and essential nutrients going to the hair follicles. As a result the growth cycle of the hair follicles is affected and the new hair produced in every hair growing cycle will be finer and finer until the time when you can see the hair no more on that particular bald spot on your scalp.

No wonder you can feel the amount of oil and dirt your bald spot on your scalp collects every time after masturbation. Those are the after affect of excessive masturbation. By reducing masturbation, the amount of testosterone is reduced which in turn curbs hair loss.
answered by Tom Hodo (165 points)
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There is a link that by increasing the level of testosterone through masturbation, the rate of hair loss in a person also increases. After this the question is rise that how to boost testosterone in your body.

answered by Riham Hanna

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