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Why do some people in Canada have food allergies?

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Some people including me have food allergy to certain type of foods. I am allergic to seafood such as Crab, Shrimp, Squid, Jelly Fish but am fine with Fillet Fish or Basra Fish. Eggs, Egg plants, Milk and Nuts are just some of the other foods I am allergic to. Isn't it strange that some people can eat everything they want and still not get any allergic reaction while some of us have to exclude a lot of food in our diets.

I have heard stories wherein some kids ate chocolates containing peanuts given by the classmates and the poor kid could hardly breathe after that. The kid had to taken away by the ambulance and given injection shots to calm the allergic reaction. I wish science would advance quick enough to find a solution to cure allergy once and for all, so we can eat in peace and not have to worry about reacting to certain foods.
asked in Laval / North Shore by Pedro Melo (154 points)

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1 Answer

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It is all due to the genes of a person whether that person gets allergy or not. Some food may be perfectly fine for one person while it could be very dangerous for another person to eat that food. One way to help with the allergy would be to avoid that food completely and then after few years slowly introduce that food back into your diet. Usually Doctor would prescribe Anti-Histamines to calm the body's immune system and prevents the body from releasing Histamines into the blood stream.

I have seen cases where injection steroids were injected into the person regularly for 10 days after which that person was okay to eat any food without any allergic reaction. But this type of treatment is only good for five years or so and then the same symptoms appears again.

I read somewhere that donating blood regularly would help get rid of old blood which contains lots of histamines, and fresh blood would be produced by your body. This fresh blood would contains lesser histamines. Repeat this cycle of donating blood and the body replenishing the blood until you are completely free of histamines in your blood stream.
answered by Abby Gibbs (150 points)

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