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Which company in Canada makes the best digital programmable home thermostat for controlling heating or cooling temperature inside a house?

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My old Honeywell thermostat doesn't seem very reliable anymore since it had been used for many years now. I was using the old type of Honeywell thermostat models where i had to manually push the knob left or right to control the temperature. It looks something like this one:

Old Thermostat 

I feel that my monthly gas cost bill was staying quite high because this heating and cooling thermostat wasn't very efficient in controlling the room temperature inside the house. Sometimes, it would show an inaccurate temperature and the heat wouldn't come on even though the rooms were starting to get cold. I thought it was the problem with the home heating gas furnace but i checked it out and it wasn't the natural gas furnace problem. Though i liked this particular old central heating thermostat and had used it for a very long time, i think it has lived out its usefulness now. I am not looking for a very expensive model of room thermostat where i can control room temperature through my smart phone using the smart thermostat app. I just need a simple and easy to understand programmable digital thermostat which does the job efficiently and hopefully last very long. The digital room thermostat should preferably work as a air conditioner thermostat, as well as a digital programmable heating thermostat. There are quite a few other top rated thermostat company to choose from but i like to see which one people will suggest.

asked in Gander by Rebecca Barker (111 points)

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Honeywell thermostat company makes the best thermostat so far as i know it. When buying a Honeywell programmable thermostat you need to make sure that the digital home thermostat displays the temperature in Celsius, if you are used to reading room temperature in Celsius, as a lot of us here in Canada do. Whereas some people in Canada, likes to read the temperature in Fahrenheit just like the Americans like do. The newer Honeywell thermostat models has a lit LED background which is helpful at night when you need to read the digital programmable thermostat's temperature. They also have a extra feature where you can set the temperature to a certain level at whichever time you desire and for the period that you specify. You do not need those Honeywell smart thermostat which allows you to control the room thermostat temperature using your mobile phone wireless Honeywell thermostat app because those are just extra features that you can live without.

If you do not know how to install the new Honeywell room thermostat you can hire someone to do so, either from the home hardware store (Home Depot or Lowes) where you bought your Honeywell control thermostat from or you can look for someone at yellow pages. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of reading and understanding the instructions in the manual to install it yourself. But again some manuals are created so bad and lacked the required instructions to properly install the room digital thermostat unit. I didn't find the manual for my Honeywell home thermostat useful at all and so i went online and learned the installation through youtube. I am the type of person who learn better with pictures and videos rather than through wordings and written instructions. You must take care to install the Honeywell thermostat wiring unit properly because improper installation might cause damage to your central heater furnace unit or it might cause some heater furnace fuses to burnt out which you will have to get it repaired by professional later. So proceed with caution only after you are confident that you fully understood the instructions first.
answered by Steve Martin (170 points)

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