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How to redeem special members offers from Virgin Mobile Member benefits program in Canada?

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I have signed up for my Home internet from Virgin Mobile and that made me a member of the Virgin Mobile member benefits program. Virgin Mobile had offered some discounts with some brands such as H & M, Goodlife Fitness, Cineplex two for one tickets, La Vie En Rose, Mark's, Ardene, Pizza Pizza, Flight Centre, and many more each month. But i wanna know how i could make use of all those offers and discounts from Virgin Mobile members benefits program? Are there any smart phone mobile app from Virgin Mobile Members Benefit that i can install to redeem the special members offers?

At first, i was only interested in getting the home Internet from Virgin Mobile because of the special price they were offering compared to other home internet company such as Fido, Rogers, Bell, Teksavvy, Comwave, Primus and other Internet providers. Then I love the Virgin Mobile Home internet modem router called "Steve the modem". Although i only received an allowance download speed of 25 MBPS and upload speed of 10 MBPS, this Steve modem works wonder by making my internet surfing experience feel faster and faster than other internet providers company like Fido, Rogers, Bell, Teksavvy, Comwave, Primus. At one point of time, i tried connecting eight smart electronic devices such as my Smart TV, Tablets, Smart phones, Desktop Computers, Laptop computers all together at the same time, and i played Youtube videos simultaneously in all of the devices. I was surprised to find that there was no lag at all and that the videos didn't struggle to load in any of the devices at all. I haven't done any rebooting or reset on the Steve Modem since i setup the Virgin Mobile Steve Modem some years ago. I usually leave my Virgin Mobile Steve Modem turned on all the time and i never turn it off for any reason. Even then, so far the Virgin Mobile Steve Modem didn't break down on me even for once. There was no charge for installation and no modem rental fees at all. I used to pay Rogers modem rental fees for many years in the past until rogers decided not to charge money for my modem rental to stay strong in the Home Internet provider competition. But i still left rogers to sign up for Virgin Mobile which i am very happy about.

Virgin Mobile Member Benefits

asked in St. John's by Tiffany Woodard (137 points)

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2 Answers

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In order to use the Virgin Mobile Members Benefits program in Canada, you will need to download the "Virgin Mobile My Benefits" app either in Google Play Store or Iphone App Store.

1. To login the "Virgin Mobile My Benefits" app, you will need to know your Virgin mobile phone number and use the same password that you use for logging into your "Virgin Mobile My Account". If you do not have a virgin mobile phone number since you only subscribed for Home Internet, you will find a temporary virgin mobile phone number in the store receipt given by the Virgin Mobile Store. Otherwise you can call customer service to request for a temporary virgin mobile phone number for registration purpose. If yo do not have a password registered with "Virgin Mobile My Account", you will need to register there first before you can access this "Virgin Mobile My Benefits" app.

2. Open the "Virgin Mobile My Benefits" app, and browse through all the members benefits offer and discounts. if you see some of the offers that you like to redeem, you simply tap on the "Get This" button and your coupon/promo code will appear on the screen and then will be automatically saved to "My Benefits" section. For in store offers redemption, you can flash your phone with the coupon/promo code on screen at the checkout.. For online offers redemption, you can use the promo code on any of the partner's website.
answered by Indranil Singh (157 points)
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Watch video on "Virgin Mobile Proves why it is better to be a member, with Virgin Mobile Canada":

answered by Virgin Mobile Member Benefits

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