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How do I delete my Pokemon Go account permanently? Will I be able to reuse the same username later?

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When Pokemon Go was released years ago, a lot of people were crazy over that game and there was a huge interest and coverage from the media about the game. Niantic the maker of the game enjoyed huge success because it was a new concept game style, and it brought people together to hunt for virtual Pokemon in the real world locations. Since the news media was buzzing about the game, Niantic didn't need to advertise much to promote this game.
However, after several years it seems like the interest in the game had died down, and the love for the game had turned into frustration mainly due to the fact, that anyone would have to collect lots of strong Pokemon and train them properly, in order to stand a chance to fight in the gym fighting arena. I myself have given up on chasing strange powerful pokemon since I do not have the patience to walk around my neighborhood looking for Pokemon. I tried fighting with another pokemon in the gym fighting arena but I guess my Pokemon was far too weak to withstand a blow from the opposite trainer's pokemon.
So I finally decided to call it quit for the game, and I want to delete my Pokemon Go account. What is the fastest and safest way to delete my Pokemon Go account?
asked in Moncton by Randy Goodman (128 points)

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2 Answers

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At one point of time, my interest in Pokemon Go was high but after a while i completely lost interest in the game. The main reason why i dislike the game is because it takes such a long time to be strong enough to fight in the gym with other trainers and most of the time, i could easily lose to the other Pokemon Trainers. Somehow the other Pokemon trainers fare better and are more powerful than me. It takes such a long time going around neighbourhood in real life to collect and catch Pokemon. It takes even longer to power up the Pokemons and in the end, my Pokemon is still not a match for any other trainers in any Gym. I would rather like it if we didn't have to really go outside and walk around in order for the game to be played. I mean who has the time to walk around the neighbourhood everyday to catch Pokemon. Some of us has to earn for a living.

Anyways, back to the question which is to remove the Pokemon Go Account. If you need to permanently delete your Pokemon Go Account, you will need to provide your Trainer Nickname and also have access to your email associated with your Pokemon Account. Be reminded that all game data associated with your account will be completely and permanently deleted. You won't be able to reuse the same nickname or email if you decide to create a new Pokemon Account in the future. To permanently delete your Pokemon Account you will need to fill out this form here and click on Submit once you are done. Basically you are submitting a request to the Niantic website to remove your Pokemon Account Permanently and if approved, it will take several weeks for your request to be processed.

answered by Daniel Harmon (144 points)
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Watch video on "How to delete your Pokemon Go Account Permanently the easy way":

answered by Delete Pokemon Go Account

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