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Why is my newborn infant baby crying often for no reason?

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When my infant newborn son was born, for one month I didn't have any problems with him crying a lot. Mostly my infant newborn slept for a long period of time, only getting up at intervals of two hours for milk feeding from my wife. Sometimes, baby would cry because he peed or poop and he doesn't feel comfortable with wet diapers. After drinking milk, baby likes to burp in an upright position and stay awake in upright position until he feels that milk is digested in his stomach. If at times, I forgot to let my infant baby boy burp, he usually ends up stomach reflux causing him to puke out milk from his mouth.

However, now he is two months old, and he is not the same anymore. He starts crying for no reason even though we have fed him well, changed his diapers when needed, cleaned him well giving him occasional bath and regular sponging. We did all we could to calm and sooth our baby. First we thought that he could be intolerant to milk protein or have indigestion, but Baby's doctor prescribed our baby medicine which didn't help much. So we stopped with medicine for our baby infant after we found out that it didn't help much. Does anyone has any good tips or suggestions to offer to help with this baby crying problem?
asked in Saint John by Randy Goodman (128 points)

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2 Answers

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New born babies cry for many reasons and the most common one is with stomach digestion problem. When a baby can't digest the milk (especially formula milk), it produces gas inside their stomach which can be very painful at times. Since babies can't communicate by talking, they do so by crying out loud. It is up to the parents to figure out the exact reason why baby is crying so much. At times, when babies feel too hot in a thick blanket, it gives them a reason to cry. Sometimes, they just want to fall asleep but they are too distracted by the noise and surrounding simulations that they are confused about how to fall asleep.

Putting the baby in a blanket and letting both the parents hold the blanket by the edges suspended in the air and slightly swinging the baby will bring comfort to the baby. Be careful not to drop the baby while swinging the baby and also to make sure that the baby's head is still lying above the body. This is necessary to prevent the blood from flowing too much into the baby's head which could cause further crying and headache.

Some Doctors suggest putting a baby vibrator underneath the baby bed to simulate the movement of a car with baby lying inside the car. Have you ever noticed that most babies fall asleep while travelling in a car? It is the movement of the car going through bumps and curves with the engine humming noise that the babies loves hearing and feeling it. The baby vibrator helps to recreate the same environment and noise to trick the baby into feeling like he/she is sitting in a car and moving through some streets.
answered by Steve Weber (118 points)
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Watch video on "The most common reasons why babies cry often at night or during the day":

answered by Baby Cry Reason

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