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Does my car insurance cover me when I am driving in someone else's car?

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I have my car insured by RBC Auto Insurance and I pay a decent premium after driving safe for more than 13 years in Canada. I know that my premium will increase once I make a claim for my Car damages, if it happens to be my fault in an accident.

That is why at times, when there happen to be a damage to other people's car due to my carelessness, I usually offer to pay my mechanic in cash to have their car repaired at no cost to them. I am very careful not to give cash directly to the other person involved in the accident because later on, that same person might come back to me and accuse me of not paying them for their car damages.

I also never sign any papers admitting my fault with a promise to repair their car. I have heard terrible stories of what happened, when a guy signed papers admitting his fault thinking that he doesn't want to go through the car Collision Centre because he was afraid of his car insurance premiums rising, due to the accident. This guy got sued personally by the other person involved in accident for a large sum of money, all because he wanted to save a bit on his car insurance premiums from going up. I know what I am doing is quite risky and I could go into a big loss if things didn't go the way I wanted, but I usually play it safe and I take precautions.

But I never gave it a thought what if I drive my dad's car often, will I be covered under my own insurance in case of any accident?
asked in Edmundston by Kevin Davis (154 points)

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2 Answers

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When you get into an accident while driving someone's else car, you will only be covered for personal injury caused to your body such as back pain, neck pain, body ache. Whereas your own insurance company will not cover any damage caused to the car you were driving at the time of the accident because it does not belong to you. Instead the actual owner of the damaged car will have to file a claims against his/her own car insurance company. This is the reason why a lot of people would refuse to lend their car for someone else to drive because in case of any accident, especially if it is an at fault accident, the owner of the car will bear the full responsibility, no matter who was driving the car.
answered by Joni Aleman (117 points)
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