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How to send email money transfer from Td Bank, RBC Bank, CIBC Bank, BMO Bank, Scotiabank to friends, siblings, parents, or relatives?

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I have always wanted to send money to my relatives or siblings online through email interac E-transfer but the fear of online hackers and the lack of proper knowledge had kept me from using this email interac E transfer services which is offered by various banks such as Td Bank, RBC Bank, CIBC Bank, BMO Bank, Scotiabank. How much does the bank charges for using the online interac E transfer service?

In the past, whenever I needed to pay someone money or if I needed to help my parents with money, I used to have to go and withdraw money from my bank's ATM and then wait for the right time to give the money. At times, I didn't want to drive all the way to my parents house just to give them the money, I usually get very tired after work and in my off days, I have lots of housework and grocery to complete. So I figured that transferring money online through Interac E Transfer would be the best choice for me, since I would not have to visit my bank at all, and my parents can get the money without them having to visit the banks too.
asked in Corner Brook by Bonnie Lewis (104 points)

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