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What is the main reason for a squeaky and creaky hardwood floor in my house?

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At the time when I purchased my house around the month of August, I didn't have any problem with squeaky hardwood floor. I went around each room and steps leading down to the living rooms to check for creaks and squeaks but I couldn't find one.

But when winter came on the month of December, I began to hear loud squeaky noise on my steps and most of the floors in my bedroom and living room. This hardwood squeaky noise is not so much of a problem for me, but it is a big problem for my spouse since he gets disturbed even with the slightest noise, and then he tells me to stop making that noise so much. He doesn't understand that the hardwood floor is squeaky and it is not me who is intentionally making that noise. He is such a light sleeper but for me, I am a very deep sleeper. Once I fall asleep, nothing can wake me up unless it is an earthquake or something of that proportion. I am not looking to hire some professional to have a look at the problem since I am on a tight budget financially. Instead I would like to search for a quick and easy fix which doesn't cost me much money. Better yet if I can do it for free, I would love to do so.
asked in Corner Brook by Bonnie Lewis (124 points)

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2 Answers

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At the time of purchasing a house, it is a good idea to hire a house inspector to inspect the house thoroughly because then you can still negotiate with the seller if something isn't quite up to the mark. At least you can request the seller to have the problem fixed before handing over the house keys or the seller might offer to reduce a bit on the house price due to the problem. Something like a creaky and squeaking hardwood floor doesn't show during the summer months but come winter time, the hardwood floor can start squeaking and creaking a lot. 

One of the tip you might want to try is to increase the temperature of your house heating during winter months because at times, when the house internal temperature is cold, the hardwood floor makes creaky noise. There are also other kits available in the home hardware stores to fix the hard wood floor creaky problem. It consist of either screws type of kit or the aluminium brace type. Below are pictures of both the type of kits:

Screw creaky floor

Aluminium brace floor creaky kit

answered by Betty Atkinson (146 points)
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Watch video on "Shortcut to fixing your squeaky hardwood floor without using any screws or drilling on the hardwood floor":

answered by Squeaky Hardwood Floor Quick Easy Fix

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