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In Canada, which gas station reward points is better - Petro Canada or Esso Gas?

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I want to signup for Gas station reward card which gives reward points for filling gas. My main interest is to redeem the earned points toward some free car wash. I can't decide whether to go for the Petro Canada points card or the Esso Gas points card. I have noticed that Petro Canada gas station still uses the old wash system, where huge balls of cloth swings at the car in a circular motion while the car is going through the car wash. I don't feel good about my car being washed in that manner. Not all Petro Canada has that kind of older wash system. Some newer ones have touchless too.

Whereas Esso Gas Station uses the touchless car wash system and I seem to like it. But I need to fill quite a lot of gas in order to earn free car wash. I suppose it will take about four months before I could actually get one free car wash from Esso Gas Station.
asked in Whistler by Abby Gibbs (149 points)

1 Answer

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I personally uses Esso gas reward points and I find that the points add up really fast. Besides, if you have other credit cards such as RBC Gold card, you can exchange RBC points for Esso points. Then this will allow you to redeem points for car wash regularly. Their touchless car wash system is quite good and always does a good job of keeping my car clean. Though they use to put more thicker soaps foam during the car wash before, I have noticed that they started to use less thick soap foam for washing cars these days.

I don't quite like the Petro Canada car wash because I believe that it takes longer to accumulate points and also the cloth splashing system could be bad for the car. I was afraid of scratch marks made by those splashing cloths in the car wash.
answered by George Toby (153 points)

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