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How do I start using Uber car ride service to get to my destination in Canada?

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I usually get around the city using the regular city cab or Beck taxi and I do take the public transit too. I find that the regular taxi cab can be quite an expensive form of transportation for my regular use. Everyday transportation to my destination adds up quickly and by the end of the month, I would have racked up quite a big monthly expense. Taking public transport to places is cheaper but it is convenient for me only during the summer because I hate having to wait for buses at the bus shelter in the winter months. Anybody who have waited for buses during the cold winter months would know what I mean.

With me being a money conscious person, I do not want to spend expenses in owning my own car and paying for the car loan. Also the monthly car insurance is not cheap in Canada. I can't drive for long hours because I tend to fall asleep if I do. In future I do have plans to eventually own a car, after I pass my driving exams. The idea of going for a driver's exams gives me butterfly in my stomach. So I rather wait till I feel strong enough to take the driving test.
asked in Gander by Gina Turner (104 points)

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