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How to change my ChatR mobile phone plan online without going to a ChatR wireless retail store?

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Instead of going to a ChatR wireless retail store for changing my pre paid chatR phone plan, I would like to know if I can do the same online. Some people would suggest why I don't go to the ChatR retail store and do it the easy way, but for me, the trip to go to the nearest place where the ChatR wireless phone store is located, could be very far away, since I live in a country side area away from the cities. Besides, I am a person who embraces technology and I have been spoilt by the easy availability of modern technology. However, if I can't change my ChatR mobile phone plan online, I would still drive far to get to the place where ChatR store is located and get it done there. It is not that I am lazy, but when desperation overtakes me, I would go to any extend to get things done, no matter what. If I can get things done the easy way, I usually fall for the easy method rather than the tough method.
asked in St. John's by Sophia White (102 points)

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