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How do I transfer my dad's Chatr account balance money to my Chatr account balance?

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When my Dad signed up for a new Chatr mobile phone plans, he got an offer wherein he will get $10 credited into his account each month, if he enrolled with Chatr monthly auto pay. Auto pay with Chatr allows the phone plans amount to be charged to his credit card automatically on the phone enrollment anniversary date. But this offer was only subjected to 8 months which means he got $80 credited to his Chatr account balance by the end of 8th month.

Now it has been a year he was with Chatr mobile phone plans and he wants to switch to other phone carrier. He still has $80 in his Chatr account balance and he doesn't want to waste it just like that. He was thinking of transferring the account balance amount to my Chatr account balance. Is he allowed to do that? If so, how does he go about it?
asked in Gander by George Bain (153 points)

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1 Answer

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Of course, you are allowed to transfer any Chatr account balance that you may have, to someone of your choice. After all, your Chatr account balance is money and it shouldn't be wasted or lost just like that. Even though your dad may have gotten the $80 balance due to an offer for $10 each month for 8 months, you can still consider that as real actual money value.

You need to have some information of the person you are transferring the Chatr account balance to. In your case, it will be your information such as your mobile phone number, your address and postal code, and maybe other private information. When your dad calls the Chatr customer service to transfer his Chatr account balance to you, he will need to provide those private information of yours in order to transfer his account balance to yours. The customer service rep may or may not ask to talk to you during the phone call with your dad. If the transfer is successful, your dad may receive a SMS text message saying that his Chatr account balance had been successfully transferred to your own Chatr account balance. You can then check your own Chatr account balance to see if it has increased by the balance amount your dad transferred to you.
answered by Matthew Griffin (150 points)

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