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What is the best way to control Diabetes without having to take injection?

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I know someone whose Diabetes is very high and almost to the point that she had to start insulin injection. She is taking Diabetes tablets orally meanwhile hoping to control her Diabetes. Doctor says that her organs could have already begun getting damaged due to her high blood glucose. So far the symptoms hasn't shown up yet that the organs are being destroyed but once it becomes evident it could be too late.
asked in Whistler by Abby Gibbs (149 points)

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(1) Proper exercise for 30 minutes to 60 minutes each day is very important. Whether it is walking on the treadmill or walking in the park, the idea is to burn the extra sugar glucose stored in the blood. You will notice that you will begin to lose weight too due to the increase in exercise activity.

(2) Reducing the amount of sugar intake such as sweet food and drinks. Researchers have discovered that when the amount of sugar is high in the blood, the sugar is stored as fat which makes a person gain weight. When the sugar cannot be stored as fat anymore, these sugars circulate in your body causing damage to various organs. That's why it is very dangerous to have too much sugar circulating in your blood.

(3) Do not skip your medication one day and then take double dose of medication the next day to cover the missed medication. By doing so, you would allow your glucose level to rise high one time (Skipping Medication) and then dip very low the next time (Taking Double Doses of medication).

(4) Search for a dietician in your local area. They can provide useful information to control your diabetes. Regular blood test is necessary to monitor your blood glucose level and general health of your various organs. You wanna make sure that you haven't come to the point, when your organs are being destroyed by high level of glucose in your blood.
answered by George Toby (153 points)

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