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Which is the Best 6 Passenger SUV for Family

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I am just looking for 7 passenger SUV vehicle as family car. I read here on CarsHelpline.com about 10 best SUV cars for 7 passengers but not able to find the best one which suits in modern days.

asked in British Columbia by praveenkumarad (111 points)

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2 Answers

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Selecting the best SUV really depends on what sort of features a person is looking for in a SUV vehicle. Everyone's choice is different and someone may find an SUV vehicle beautiful while someone else will dislike the same model of SUV vehicle. I personally like a SUV vehicle with a good cargo space on the back because with a big family, our needs for cargo storage space is important. The SUV vehicle should be high enough and not built too low to the ground because driving in a country like Canada during the winter, having a higher SUV vehicle helps to stay clear of the snow during a snowstorm.

i do not quite like the leather type of seats that some SUV vehicle offers, but instead i like seats with a softer material similar to a soft towel texture. I also look for fuel efficiency since SUV vehicle tend to consume equal amount of gas as a Minivan. Optional GPS feature are not so important for me because i can always later buy a seperate standalone GPS from Bestbuy store or other stores and install it myself. Watch out for high powered 6 Cylinders engine SUV vehicle, although it sounds good to have a good fast pick up SUV vehicle, they usually consume more gas faster than a normal cylinders ones. Some SUV vehicle company offers a longer warranty than the others and it is something that affects my choice of an SUV vehicle. I like to be covered for any expensive repairs during the warranty period and having a longer warranty period helps in the long run.
answered by Adam Hunt (153 points)
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Watch video on "The best 7 SUV car for 2019":

answered by Best SUV

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