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How to apply for a Canadian Passport for my child born outside of Canada? I hold a Canadian Citizenship.

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Recently due to an unavoidable circumstances, my wife had to travel back to India to be with her family due to illness with a family member. She was pregnant at the time and she had to also take care of that ailing family member. She stayed for a couple of months and when she decided to come back to Canada, the airlines wouldn't allow her to travel due to her pregnancy being at an advanced stage. Moreover, her pregnancy had some complication and needed special care by the Doctors in India. The risk of traveling and giving birth on the Air planes was quite possible and so she was refused to allow boarding the air planes. The tickets eventually got wasted because she couldn't travel and there was no refund for the tickets or any sort of compensation.

Thus, our baby was born in India with a Indian birth certificate. I am a Canadian Citizen whereas my wife only holds a permanent residence status. What i am worried about is how i could go about applying for a Canadian Passport to bring both my wife and my child back to Canada. Will my child be considered a Canadian Citizen even though he was born in India? How long does it take before i could get both my wife and my child back to Canada safely?
asked in Ottawa by Rohan Patel (118 points)

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