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Is it safe to microwave clear plastic sandwich bag and then eat the sandwich from it?

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Everyday when I have a break at work, I like to eat my sandwich but I like to eat it warm and hot. Call it a weird way to eat sandwich hot but hey everyone has got their own way of doing things personally. I know people usually eat sandwich which is either cold or at room temperature.

What I mostly do to warm my sandwich is I remove the sandwich from inside the plastic clear sandwich bag and place it on top of brown paper which I then put it into the microwave for warming 30 seconds. The other day I had a bit of a new idea I thought I would like to try out. I wanted to microwave the sandwich directly within the sandwich bag but I was worried the plastic might melt and cause problem. That is why I wanted to know if it is safe to microwave plastic sandwich bag directly and if anyone had tried it out. Will there be any long term health problems if I eat sandwich which had been microwaved within the clear plastic sandwich bag?
asked in Truro by Connie Anderson (141 points)

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Back in the past, i used to warm my sandwich in the microwave and then put them into a clear transparent bag and hold the sandwich to eat them. I used to think that it was not a good idea to warm the sandwich directly inside a sandwich plastic bag. So i used to put the sandwich on top of some brown paper and then microwave the sandwich, after which i put it into the plastic sandwich bag. But later on, i realized that this too wan't a good idea because as soon as the hot sandwich touches the plastic bag, the plastic bag tends to start melting slightly. I found the taste of sandwich a bit off but it never bothered me much until recently when i read an article online mentioned the problems of using plastic bag in the microwave.

So i took a different approach to solving the problem. What i did was to use a brown paper sandwich bag to put the sandwich into, and then microwave it. The brown paper sandwich bag doesn't melt or cause health problem i believe. It is a use and throw solution and it is a quite cost effective method as well. You can buy those brown paper sandwich bag from Dollarama store or any other dollar store, although not a lot of smaller dollar store carry them.

Brown paper sandwich bag

answered by Bonnie Lewis (124 points)

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