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What can i do to get rid of Mosquitoes and keep them from biting me while i am outdoors?

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At times, occasionally i make a visit to the tropical countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bahamas and other tropics places. One thing that i hate the most while travelling in these countries are the presence of Mosquitoes. These tropics mosquitoes are deadly and can cause Malaria too. One of my relative's Son passed away, after he had been bitten by mosquitoes and he fell ill with Dengue Fever. He didn't realized it was serious until he started having a very high fever for days at a stretch. When he finally couldn't bear it anymore, he went to the hospital but it was already too late and he passed away without any treatment options.

I know mosquitoes are very hard to get rid of completely and scientist believes that Mosquitoes are important for Biodiversity and in keeping with nature's ecology and they serve as food source for some Amphibians, but come on, it is time to realize that mosquitoes reproduce like crazy and we all need to keep a check on the population of mosquitoes before it is too late. Mosquitoes are also a good carrier of deadly disease and since they love biting people with their needle nose, they can easily transfer diseases around from people to people. Even transfer of disease from Animals to People take places through Mosquitoes. Anyone who has been bitten by Mosquitoes would know what kind of feeling i am talking about. In Canada, we are lucky that there aren't much Mosquitoes around except for the parks and backyards but that is only during the nightfall or evening times. So far, Mosquitoes in Canada haven't been spreading deadly plague from persons to persons.

What are some of the good products out there in the market that can keep the Mosquitoes away when i am outdoors in the park or hanging around in my backyard? I tried Citronella products but i must say they aren't as effective as i thought it would be.
asked in Bridgewater by Dani Assaf (158 points)

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3 Answers

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While on a trip to India to visit my family members and relatives and also to attend a friend's wedding, i realized that during the winter months, there are a lot of mosquitoes around. Although mosquitoes are known to breed heavily when there is the presence of still standing water nearby, but somehow in the places where i have been in India, even without the presence of standing still water, there are lots of mosquitoes. Since i also have blood group O+ which as scientist believe would attract mosquitoes more easily, i found it very hard to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

My hands and feet were bitten quite bad and i was scratching myself from head to toe even though i had long sleeve and long pants on the whole time of my stay in India. One day, one of my relatives offered me a quick and easy solution to prevent mosquitoes from targeting me. This product was called the Fabrics roll on manufactured by Good Night company in India. It is a cute small product which i could rub it lightly around the edges of my shirt and pants and socks and even it is safe for applying on the skin. 

Mosquitoes Roll On good night

After that, the mosquitoes left me alone and i was able to freely move around even at night when the mosquitoes are usually out. Other people wondered how come i was not bitten by mosquitoes anymore and then when i showed them this product, they were just surprised and tried it on. They were amazed by its effectiveness as well. I loved the product so much that on my way back home to Canada, i purchased at least a dozen of the good night fabric roll on and i gave several of them to my relatives here in Canada. Everyone was surprised how good the product was and that even the Canadian Mosquitoes won't bite them after using this product.

answered by Rohan Patel (128 points)
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Watch video on "The all natural ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you":

answered by Mosquitoes Bite Prevention
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Watch video on "Good Knight Fabric Roll on works to prevent mosquitoes Bites":

answered by Fabric roll on

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