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How do i deposit a cheque into my TD Bank Chequing account using my Mobile Phone App?

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Technology is advancing at a very fast pace that i am afraid older people won't be able to catch up with it one day. Although i am used to physically visiting the TD bank and depositing my cheques, i am also a person who is willing to explore new ways of doing things. Whichever ways gives me convenience and fastness, i usually opt for that method. I never knew we could also deposit cheque to our Bank account using the TD Bank mobile phone app, but one day i was surfing online and i find this advertisement saying that now we could deposit cheque conveniently without visiting the bank and i thought to myself how cool that would be for me. One thing that most people would agree with me is that i hate lining up at the bank to do some simple stuff such as deposit cheque. I understand depositing cheque at the ATM machine is convenient but sometimes i do feel lazy to even show up anywhere near the bank to do some banking transaction. Can anyone tell me the experience of depositing Cheque online through TD Bank mobile app?
asked in Truro by Matthew Griffin (104 points)

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