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How to make a DIY small decompostable pots for starting to grow seedlings plants indoor?

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As most gardeners would know that if you are want to grow your favorite plants and vegetables from seed, you would need to grow your seeds indoors first, at least 6 weeks before the last frost date in your area. If you waited till the soil outdoors got warm and then you start to plant your seeds, it will be too late. The growing season in most places in Canada is quite short and not long enough to grow a lot of varieties of plants. Therefore, you will need to start your seeds indoor weeks before the spring time, so that by the time that summer comes around, you could plant your plant outdoors. This all sounds easy but as a lover of growing plants i do have a problem which is the large number of peat pots, i buy from the store for use in growing my seedlings.

It is not that i can't afford those peat pots from the store, it is just that i like to do things DIY (Do It Yourself). I am looking for household materials that will decompose easily and it should hold enough soil. I know some people would suggest using the empty egg cartons and fill them with soil. But the amount of soil it holds in each section is so less that the seedlings very quickly outgrows the egg cartons and the roots have no places to expand, due to the small section of the inner egg cartons. If anyone can suggest any good thing to use as peat pots to substitute with own home made materials, that would be great.
asked in Annapolis Valley by Donald Williams (110 points)

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