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What is the fastest and easiest way to unclog a clogged toilet bowl when using a plunger alone won't work either?

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One day when i was flushing my toilet bowl, i found that the water and the toilet paper wasn't getting flushed. After a while, the toilet bowl began to overflow and so i stopped flushing. Luckily, i didn't poo much on it. Otherwise i would be having a tough time trying to clear up the mess. I never had this issue before but i have a small black plunger which i had tried to pump and push the content into the toilet bowl to clear it. The toilet bowl still refuses to clear up. Now, i don't have the snaking equipment which have seen someone use it before. I don't intend to buy the snaking equipment either since i do not want to spend much on such equipment, neither do i want to call a professional to unclog my toilet bowl. I feel that if the professional people can do it, i can do it too. I just need the right knowledge to do it properly. If anyone has any home remedy i would love to know about it and try it out. I would really appreciate any help i can get.
asked in New Glasgow by Edward Newton (143 points)

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2 Answers

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I have had experience dealing with clogged toilet in the past and i can give a few tips about unclogging your toilet. Sometimes, simply using a plunger to unclog a toilet bowl does not work properly. You must follow some steps before you could use the plunger. I know there are products at home depot such as "Green Gobbler" which might work for some people, but at times, simply pouring in a whole packets still doesn't help. I have tried it before and it works sometimes and other times it doesn't do anything to help unclog the toilet. These products are expensive to buy and they are only for a one time use for each packet.

Green Gobbler Powder

For other people who can't afford to buy those "Green Gobblers" products, there are some home remedies and solutions to unclogging your toilet. One time i almost bought the wrong product thinking that it will work. I almost bought the "Drano Max Gel" liquid but i realized that these products only works for the wash basin pipes and it does not work for clogged toilet bowl.

Drano Max Gel

Luckily, Home Depot Employee caught me staring at the product above and told me that this Drano Max Gel will not work for removing clogged toilet bowl content. 

I then did a bit of research and found that it was quite easy to use daily product which works just as good as those "Green Gobblers" products. I used the dish washing liquid soap, which i poured generously over the clogged toilet bowl. Then i poured really hot water onto the toilet bowl and let it stay for about 20 minutes or more. The dish washing liquid soap will make the dirty toilet bowl poo content slippery which will allow it to flush away easily. One time i was surprised how easily after applying the dish washing liquid, the clogged poo content automatically flushed out by itself. Other times, i had to use the plunger only after the above steps was followed. Dish washing liquid soap is much cheaper than the "Green Gobblers" product and it works just as good as those expensive products.

Palmolive Dish Washing Liquid Detergent

answered by Tyler Anderson (126 points)
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Watch video on "Professional ways to unclog your clogged toilet DIY on your own, without calling a plumber":

answered by Unclog clogged toilet

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