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Where can i buy cheap substitute laser printer ink cartridge online in Canada?

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I have a black color monochrome laser printer made by Canon with model ImageClass MF216n. This Canon laser printer uses cartridge 137 and with the original printer i realized that this cartridge was only just a starter cartridge, which means that it won't print as many pages as the actual new full standalone cartridge will. I have heard that the printer company doesn't actually make much money from selling printers but they make money selling Ink cartridges. Some of the ink cartridge prices are so ridiculous that it seems that they are more expensive than the printer itself. However, that doesn't stop a lot of people from buying the original printer laser ink cartridges or inkjet cartridges. I have a limited budget and i can't afford to spend too much on ink cartridges. I used to own ink jet printers but i realized that the ink dries up pretty quick, if i didn't use the inkjet printers often.

So i switched to using laser ink cartridge thinking that i could possibly save money on the ink, since they don't dry up even if i don't use them for a very long time. I believe laser ink cartridges uses dry powder ink and the laser printer uses some heat to blast the black dry powder ink onto the printing papers. That is precisely the reason why after printing the paper, the paper feels kinda hot and warm to the touch. What i didn't realize was that the price of a laser ink cartridge is much more expensive than the inkjet ink cartridges. In fact, the laser ink cartridges are more expensive than the laser printer itself. I am looking for a substitute laser ink cartridge to buy instead of using the original ones. I know that there could be some compromise on the quality of the laser ink cartridges for the substitute ones, but as long as it prints alright, i am okay with it.
asked in Yarmouth by Jake Lee (202 points)

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2 Answers

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At one point of time, i was receiving discounts and offers from staples, which would give me $25 off for purchase of $75 or more on anything in store, with exceptions on some items. I needed a laser printer cartridge at that time, and i was about to make a purchase through Staples.ca. I thought i would scour the internet for a cheaper deals elsewhere just in case i found a better deal. I came through an Ebay seller who was selling a substitute laser printer cartridges for way less than the original ones. So i changed my mind and ordered from Ebay instead. The original ones would have costed me around $100 plus for a single laser ink cartridge even after discount offer of $25 off from Staples.ca, but these substitute laser ink cartridges was only costing me $36 for three cartridges with free shipping as well. So, check out ebay and you would be surprised that a lot of stuff are selling for way cheaper than other places. Another place to check out deals is on Amazon.ca, although the prices can be much higher compared to Ebay.ca.
answered by Nathan Davison (132 points)
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