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How to make a correction to the first name on an Ontario Driving License Card?

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I have a friend whose first name consist of two words and he asked me how he could make correction to his first name on his Ontario driver's license. At the time he received his driver license card, he didn't check his card properly and it had a comma in between his first name which has two words. Example: Ben,John Morris. (This is just an example and not the actual name). He never realized the comma in between his first name could mean a difference until he went to open an account with a bank. The bank employee mistakenly Separated his first name and put the second part of his first name as middle name. When asked how come the second part of his first name disappeared, the bank employee told him that the comma in his Ontario driver's license card, indicates that the second part of his first name is actually a middle name. I have seen some people's name shown with comma but i never gave it a thought until now.
asked in Kingston by Ralph MIller (140 points)

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1 Answer

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In order to correct your first name in your drivers license, you will need to bring only your Citizenship Card and if you are not yet a Canadian Citizen, you can bring your permanent residence card with you, to any service Ontario location near you. They will correct your first name according to whatever name is shown in your Citizenship Card. So if your citizenship card has the same error, then you will need to correct that first, before you can present your citizenship card to Service Ontario. I had my first name corrected this way. They will immediately give you a temporary drivers license and take away your original drivers license. They will tell you that your drivers license will arrive in your mail within four to six weeks. The temporary paper drivers license will not have your photos in it but then somewhere on the paper, it is mentioned "Valid without a photo".

Temporary Ontario Drivers License Sample

answered by Kevin Davis (154 points)

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