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How to buy things and pay for items on Ebay? Is it safe to open an Ebay account to buy something?

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I know the above question would make an experienced online buyers smile, it is such a naive rookie question but that is what i am when it comes to buying things online. I have heard stories about how some people had their credit card information stolen while shopping online and quite a lot of money was used from that credit card. In the end, the credit card company even refused to pay up or refund the money used by scammers. The credit card holder had to pay up eventually. So i am kinda afraid and cautious when it comes to buying things online. I would actually only buy things direct from the company website. Lets say i am buying a Samsung phone, then i would head over to the Samsung website. If i have to buy an Iphone, i would head over to the Apple website.

Ebay as i have read, is where sellers are from everywhere in the world. How safe is it to buy from those sellers and what if they don't deliver the products as promised by them. I would like to experience buying small price items from Ebay first and from Canadian Sellers only. If i get enough confidence, then i could probably buy something small and cheap from international sellers. I believe most sellers would be from China anyways. How is the shipping services from China? Are they reliable and do the purchased items frequently get lost during transit?
asked in Bedford by Edward Newton (125 points)

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