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Why do I feel weak and tired all the time even though my yearly physical full body examination conducted by my family physician turned out to be great?

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As many of you may have been advised by your family physician, about the importance of doing a full body check up every year, I too believe in the benefits of doing so. They say prevention is better than cure and no medicines will work if it is already too late to cure the diseases. There was a guy I know, who happened to find out that he had possible serious liver cancer through doing a yearly full body check up. He was lucky he caught it early and the doctors had the chance to do a surgery to remove the bad liver cells affected by the cancer. After surgery his liver grew back to normal size and he could lead a normal life. Did you guys know that liver can grow back to normal size even if 40% of the liver cells organ is damaged?

I have been keeping healthy so far and my results from the full body check up looked great except for some bad cholesterol level which could be remedied by eating less meat. But my question is that I still feel tired and weak most of the time. It is not that I do a lot of stressful and difficult work or that I put my body through tough physical workout. I occasionally do exercise workout when my mood is good or I feel happy and energetic one of the days. I just can't figured out what is causing me that weakness and tiredness. Even my family physician seemed puzzled about my condition. Since my blood work results and other body check up showed no problem, I shouldn't be feeling tired and weak most times. I know people would point out the culprit to be lack of sleep but I sleep enough hours which is about 8 hours every day. Of course, I would like to see a specialist to check out this medical condition of mine but if I can't tell what is making me tired and weak, how does a specialist know what he will be treating me for? Has anyone experienced such kind of weird feeling and weakness?
asked in New Glasgow by Daniel Harmon (144 points)

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2 Answers

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I had a similar problem of feeling tired and weak most of the time, and I asked my physician what my problem was. She told me that according to my blood test result, I was lacking in Vitamin B12. But I was wondering what could a lack of vitamin B12 has to do with my level of energy. After all these years, I never took any vitamin daily and I had no intention of starting on any vitamins yet.

Just for the sake of maintaining the amount of B12 vitamin in my blood I started taking this vitamin B12 tablet. It comes in the form of tablet which dissolve when I put it in my mouth. I didn't even have to chew on the tablet. It taste great and doesn't taste yucky at all. I took the ones which had the power of 1200mcg. Since I was lacking by a great deal on Vitamin B12, that was why I started on the higher doses.

Right away, after taking the Vitamin B12 tablet, I began to feel more energetic and focus on doing things. My mind started to think clearer and better. I felt stronger and I didn't feel lazy even for a bit. So I tested myself by doing some gardening work of removing some unwanted weeds for one hour. After that, I still didn't lose much energy and I feel that I could go on for much longer than this. I realized that I could drive my car more focused and without falling sleepy on the wheels. In fact, throughout the day, my energy level was pretty much constant and I was feeling much happier too.

I went online and did a bit of research on benefits of Vitamin B12 and found a lot of positive thing about this Vitamin B12. It helps in proper breakdown of food and helps in better absorption of the broken down food. Without proper absorption of nutrients and minerals from our food, our body can't get much of the required nutrients and minerals. Even if we are to eat the proper food daily but our body can't absorb much of the nutrients, then our body gets weaker and weaker. Vitamin B12 also helps in the production of red blood cells which explains the reason why we feel more energetic, because there is an increase of red blood cells which helps to carry more oxygen in our blood.
answered by Shannon Jones (118 points)
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Watch video on "The power of Vitamin B12 and what benefits it could bring to your life as an energy boosting vitamin":

answered by Vitamin B12 Health

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