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What are some of the natural ways to fight cancer without going through Chemotherapy or taking some cancer drugs?

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As you know, some people are skeptical of going through Chemotherapy to fight cancer or taking cancer drugs to slow down the cancer growth, but I have seen in most cases that people with cancer eventually pass away in spite of undergoing such treatment. How Chemotherapy can be harmful is that it not only kills the cancer cells but kills the good ones as well. So the organs which was healthy earlier, but now after Chemotherapy becomes bad eventually leading to death. There are rare cases of people still surviving after undergoing through Chemotherapy and cancer drugs. I have relative's and friends who never made it pass one year since the time they started treatment with Chemotherapy and cancer drugs. Perhaps such treatment is more effective if the cancer is not an aggressive type and the cancer hasn't started to spread to other parts of body organs yet.

I have an aunt who survived breast cancer when it was detected early and removed during early stage. She is doing good now. I have another uncle who had liver cancer in the early stage but since he goes for full body examination each year, his physician was able to detect it early and ordered him to do an emergency surgery. His surgery lasted for about 12 hours with liver transplant and he came out fine. Only thing he had to maintain now was to make sure his diet doesn't consist of too much oily stuff or food that is tough on his digestive system. Other than that he is leading a normal happy life.

How about those who are at their last stage of cancer and have no other choice but to undergo the deadly Chemotherapy and Cancer drugs cocktail? Are there any natural alternative that will at least give some hope to people with cancer a chance to live for a few more years or many more years? You see, for a cancer patient, every minute counts and they treasure time and close relationship with their loved ones more than anyone else. They know that their time on earth is very limited and that they could pass away anytime soon. So if there is a way to give those cancer patients just a few more months or even years, that would be the best and wonderful thing ever for them.
asked in Annapolis Valley by Donald Williams (146 points)

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2 Answers

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Cancer is one of the world's leading cause of death and it had baffled scientist and doctors around the world for many years. There is no proper successful cure for cancer yet, and whatever treatment is out there will only work to slow down the growth of cancer cells. Usually even after prolonged treatment, the cancer comes back to the same person with a deadlier harm.

Chemotherapy works only on early stage of cancer and it causes an otherwise healthy person to fall weak during the course of Chemotherapy. Since this method of cancer treatment not only kills bad cancerous cells, it also kills healthy cells in our body. I used to know someone with a breast cancer who underwent Chemotherapy in the early stage and she became very weak. But she recovered afterwards, once the bad cancerous cells was removed from her body. If you feel Chemotherapy is not a good choice, you could opt for cancer drugs which pretty much works like a Chemotherapy therapy except this drugs targets a spreading cancerous cells. This cancer drugs is more effective at a later stage of cancer. Sometimes, doctors may ask that you remove some parts or organs of your body to prevent the spread of cancer in your body.  Example of such organs are uterus, breast, colon, prostate, parts of liver.

There are also some natural ways to control the spread of cancer. This natural ways does not work alone but rather they have to go side by side with traditional treatment such as Chemotherapy and cancer drugs. I have heard stories and read online that by drinking carrot juice, lots of it, will work miracles. However I was skeptical of the solution because to me, there was no hard scientific evidence to this natural cure for cancer.

A woman from Switzerland claims to have fought cancer in her life and was given only a few months to live. She somehow read that carrot juice could help. So she began drinking like crazy, 6 litres of carrot juice each day. Months passed by, and she was still alive. She was expecting to die anytime soon. But she felt healthy and she went back to check on her cancer with the doctors. The doctors were stumped and surprised. Her breast cancer had been Downgraded to basic harmless tumours.

Another family living in Hong Kong, practically the whole family had cancer genes and some of the family members were in their last stage of cancer. That year, carrots happened to be very cheap and abundant in the market. So the whole family drank lots and lots of carrot juice since they too loved carrot juice. To everyone's surprise, their cancer was no more. None of the family members died. For some people who hates the taste of carrot juice, you could add apple juice or other favourite juices along with carrot juice for added flavour. Drink at least 6 litres of carrot juice and it could save your lives with cancer.

Another woman living in Canada was suffering from breast cancer as well. She too read about the Switzerland lady who defeated breast cancer by consuming lots of carrot juice. So she began a routine of drinking 6 litres of carrot juice mixed with her other favorite juices. The results? Doctor was amazed at the results. She had no more cancerous cells in her body. It took about 3 to 4 months to get the great results. She was given 6 months to live but at the end of two years, she was still alive and healthy and with no trace of cancer cells I'm her body. So the bottom line is to always do a regular full body checkup every year to detect any cancer cells and have it treated before it gets to be too serious to cure cancer. You can go for both carrot juice treatment and Chemotherapy or cancerous drugs together for better results, but always consult your physician doctor before making a decision.
answered by Shannon Jones (118 points)
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Watch video on "The top 10 super food to fight cancer naturally without using cancer drugs":

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