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How do I choose the correct Washer and Dryer for my basement? What do I need to know before buying them?

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I have been using an old "Inglis" top load washing machine for almost 8 years and finally it broke down completely. I tried getting some quotes on how much would it take to fix the old washer but I quickly realized that it could be quite expensive to have it repaired. Some repairman charges money just to take a look at the washer and if I agree to have it repaired, they would charge me for parts and labour which does add up a lot. Even if the washer had been fixed, I will live with the old washer. Not that I Don't like my old washer, it is just that I could add some more money and get a new washer instead of spending money on repairs which might not last long. Having a new washer will last me for at least another 8 years hopefully.

So I decided to buy a new front load washer and dryer. I didn't want to buy the dryer but my life partner is lazy to have to hang the washed clothes and prefer to have the clothes dry as fast as possible by a dryer at the expense of our expensive electricity bills. What is the major difference between top load washer and front load washer? Is it okay to stack both washer and dryer, due to the limits on my basement space?
asked in Summerside by Roxanne Ng (146 points)

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