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How do we prevent our car from Rust caused by the road salt that the city vehicle puts on the road during each winter time?

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Winter can be a challenging time not only because of the freezing cold and wet icy roads, it also makes the City vehicle drops tons of road salt throughout the city streets to prevent slippery road condition which could save lives. I understand that road salt is very important for people who drives, since it clears the road of ice and snow. Without road salt the road would be impossible to drive on without accidents happening every few minutes. Although road salt has a positive impact in creating a good driving condition for our roads, it also has a downside to it. Road salt is one of the main culprit in causing rusting in our vehicle's body mainly below the edges of the car bottom.

It usually takes about 7 years for a car to start rusting along the bottom edges or other weaker parts of the car body. This is the main reason why a lot of the automobile company would usually only provide for 7 years of warranty for rust proofing. Each year until year 7th, the auto car company you bought your car from would advise you to bring in your car for rust check. They know that most cars do not start rusting until the end of 7th year. This is why some car company either gives you free 7 year rust proofing warranty or you may have to buy the extended warranty for 7 years.

Once i saw a car, in a car mechanic repair shop, with the bottom of the car all rusted. The fuel line and other bottom body parts of the car was all rusted and he had to spent quite a lot of money to fix those rusted parts. He was so emotionally attached to that old car of his, that he was willing to shell out hefty money for repairs on the rusted car parts. My car has some spots near the passenger door bottom where the rust had actually eaten a big size hole on it. Is there a better way to prevent rusting on our car's body or do we not have any other option but to let our car body rust at all places until it starts to crumble with holes all over?
asked in City of Toronto by Lauren Gray (114 points)

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3 Answers

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Once a year, you will need to do a rust proofing or also called rust protection service on your vehicle to prevent rusting. Rust spreads really quick on the body of the car and also on moving parts of a car such as door locks, brake cables and power antennas. The under body of a car is most prone to start rusting due to exposure to road salts during the winter and the moisture in the air.

I also saw what happened to the car body parts when not treated with rust protection. This guy had his Minivan broken into by some thieves who used a screwdriver to pop open the front driver and passenger doors. A deep hole was left on both sides of the front doors and he didn't bother to have it repaired. Over time, rust started to form all over that hole and began to spread throughout the body area. When he finally asked for a quote on repairing the damage, they were charging him $600 for both doors. Another guy had his entire fuel line underneath the car damaged badly by rust. It ended up costing him more to repair those parts rather he could have saved money on those repairs, if he had done rust proofing every year.

Rust protection cost about $160 including taxes and it needs to be done only once a year. i like to do it near the end of the month November because this will get my car ready for the coming winter. Those rust proofing guys actually will drill holes over the inner side of the car body near the doors including front, rear and passenger doors. If you are too concerned about them drilling holes on your car body, then rust proofing may not be for you. Roughly, it is about $13 per month which is about the price of about 4 cups of coffee per month. Not a bad investment considering that it helps you safeguard your car from rusting fast.

If you maintain the condition of the body of your car, you will get a higher resale value if you decide to sell your vehicle in the future. You will lower the repair cost as well due to less damage by rust. Once i had a guy offer to buy my car just by seeing the good condition of my car body. He had the same model, make and year of the car just like mine but his car was quite damaged by rust all over the car body. Of course, i refused to sell him my car. I like to go to "Krown" rust protection company and they do a great job of completely spraying rust proofing liquid agent all over the car including areas where it is hard to reach by coating rust proofing. Krown uses oil rust proofing which i believe is more efficient in seeping into the various parts of the car compared to coating rust proofing which only rust proof visible areas where it can reach. They don't have a lot of branches in the city but you can look for their company in your area.
answered by James Davis (133 points)
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answered by Rust Proofing Cars
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