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How to correct a mistake on my First name for my Citizenship card?

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In the past when i received my Citizenship card, i was careless and didn't double check to see, if the Citizenship card had my correct spelling for my name. I shove it into a drawer and forgot about it. But recently when i needed to apply for my drivers license, i realized that i was issued a drivers license with a misspelled first name. So i inquired about the mistake and i was told that whatever name was recorded in the Citizenship card, will get transferred to the Drivers license. In other words, Citizenship card serves as the master of most other ID cards such as drivers license, health card and passport.

If i wanted to correct the mistake on my drivers license, i have to correct the mistake on my Citizenship card first, it is quite a pain to have to correct both the documents and i understand it is going to take quite a long time to do so. I am aware that the Immigration and Citizenship Department doesn't issue the old type of Citizenship card which was about the size of a wallet drivers license. Now, they issue a paper Citizenship certificate. Does that mean i would be receiving the new paper Citizenship documents instead of the old type of plastic wallet Citizenship card? In simple words, what is the easiest and the fastest way to correct a mistake on my first name for my Citizenship card?
asked in Baie - Comeau by Feng Kang (209 points)

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2 Answers

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For your information, If you had those old plastic wallet size citizenship card, you will need to surrender it to the immigration and citizenship department during your application to correct your name on your citizenship card. You will be issued a new paper certificate of citizenship since they do not issue those old plastic wallet size citizenship card anymore.

Your citizenship card will be replaced only if:

1. A mistake had been made by the immigration and citizenship department during the time of processing.

2. It has been 90 days or less since the time you received your citizenship certificate.

But, if it has been more than 90 days and you are requesting for a replacement citizenship certificate for any other reason besides the one mentioned above, then you will have to submit an application for a citizenship certificate. This case will be treated and processed using the same amount of time as if you were applying for the citizenship certificate the first time. A processing fee will apply in this case.

If it has been 90 days or less since you received your citizenship certificate:

1. You must send your citizenship certificate or card with a note explaining what needs to be corrected with it.

2. If your request is urgent, write "URGENT" on the envelope and inside provide an explanation why you feel it is urgent and provide any documents to prove otherwise.

3. It will be free of charge in this case for processing the application.

4. Mail your package to : (For regular Mail)

Request for replacement certificate


P.O. Box 10000

Sydney, Nova Scotia

B1P 7C1

(For Courier mailing address)

Request for replacement certificate

CPC- Sydney

49 Dorchester Street

Sydney, Nova Scotia

B1P 5Z2

answered by ronald marshall (115 points)
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Watch video on "Common mistakes people make when applying for Canadian Citizenship or Visa in filling out a form":

answered by Canada Immigration

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