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How do i make my Chatr Cell phone account dormant when i go for my vacation period of 2 months?

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I am sure that Fido and Rogers doesn't allow a customer to put a phone account on Dormant status while they go away for vacations. I know this because some friends of mine have both Fido and Rogers cell phone plan. Since i have a phone plan with Chatr, i like to know if Chatr allows us to keep our account on Dormant status until we come back from our vacation for 2 months. i wouldn't want to uselessly pay for 2 months of phone connection while i won't be using my phone at all during those 2 months. Some people might say why not turn on roaming but we all know, roaming can be quite expensive and the phone company loves customers who uses roaming. Roaming is where the phone company earns their money quick and fast.

If Chatr doesn't allow me to put on phone account on dormant status, i would probably just change to a very cheap phone plan with them and when i come back, i could change it back to my original phone plan. But the problem is that i had some extra offers with my original phone plan that i subscribed for initially when i joined Chatr. By changing phone plans back and forth, i believe i could lose that same original phone plan forever and i don't know when this same fabulous old plan will be reintroduced again in the future date.
asked in Sudbury by Ryan Harris (173 points)

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1 Answer

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Chatr allows their users to put their account on dormant mode for a maximum period of 6 months before their phone number and account will be permanently deleted. For that, you will have to call the Chatr customer service by dialing *611 from your phone (Only if you currently have an active Chatr phone connection). Tell them that you will need to put your phone account dormant for 2 months. If you have a money balance in your phone account, the customer representative will strangely charge you the regular monthly amount, on the day you called to put your account dormant, then when you return from your vacation, you call again and they will credit back the previously charged amount. I don't know why they do this.

Or what you can do otherwise, is to unenroll yourself from the Auto pay feature and remove your credit card information from your Chatr phone account. You will need to call customer service for unenrollment of your auto pay credit card. Then when your payment due date anniversary arrives, they won't be able to charge you any money since you already unenrolled your credit card from auto pay account. Your phone connection with Chatr will be disabled for the maximum of 6 months. If you come back after 2 months, you can simply call customer service again and tell them that you want to reactivate your same phone number and account with Chatr.
answered by Lauren Gray (114 points)

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