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What is the driving restriction for people holding "Ontario G1 Driving license" in Ontario?

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I recently passed my written portion of my driving test exam and I was issued a "G1 driving license". I believe that I can start taking driving classes and practical courses. I have never driven before in my life and am a total beginner. Actually I feel nervous to begin with but am pretty sure that with enough time and practise, I could drive well in future. As with any new driver I could feel butterfly in my stomach already thinking about it. I am one of those people who starts feeling funny in my stomach when it comes to any kind of test or exams. Even during my high school exams time, I used to have this weird feeling of nervousness. So imagine with driving test time, I could feel more tense and nervous. Hopefully with time I could get over this nervousness problem.

I was just wondering that there must be some kind of restriction for total beginners who holds a "G1 driving license". Otherwise the streets wouldn't be safe from all those G1 drivers creating an accident very now and then. Until what time are "G1 drivers" allowed to practise on the road? Can a "G1 driving license" driver drive alone at all times or does it have to be someone sitting beside the G1 driver anytime we drive?
asked in Oakville / Halton Region by Linda Thompson (103 points)

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