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In recent years, how does majority of young people get their permanent residence in Canada from other countries?

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I have a family friend who has families in India, he lives there and he asked me this simple question, yet I have no good answer for that. You see, I immigrated to Canada at a young age along with my entire family including my parents who came to Canada through entrepreneurship program. At that time, the amount of money needed to invest in the entrepreneurship program wasn't that much. But these days, under the same entrepreneurship program, you will need lots of money in cash sitting in the bank to be able to even start an application. So, this is obviously not a good choice for a lot of people who wants to come to Canada including my friend whom I just mentioned.

I don't know how the immigration policy has changed so much now, it seems that it is much easier to enter Canada as permanent residence as a refugee than other legitimate ways. For a lot of people this is not an option too because they can't claimed false refugee status due to false persecution from their country. This sort of destroys the main purpose of legit immigration and the possible economic growth that legal immigrants could have brought to the country. Instead what is happening is that refugee from war stricken country could come easy and then the country had to provide social assistance to them until they could take care of themselves financially. Well, my point is that Canada should focus a bit more on other immigration program and allow sincere hard working person into Canada rather than just trying to be a good guy and allow mostly refugees to claim permanent residency in Canada.
asked in Mississauga / Peel Region by Indranil Singh (157 points)

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2 Answers

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In the past, Entrepreneur class application used to be quite common for entering into Canada as a permanent residence. Nowadays, it is almost impossible for middle class people to come into Canada as permanent residence using the entrepreneur class application. This is because the Government of Canada imposed a high price and strict investment conditions. People need to have about $1 million CDN to be able to apply for a permanent residency in Canada.

These days, majority of people come to study with a student permit for at least 3 years and then they get a work permit for at least another 1 year. After that they are eligible to apply for permanent residence. A lot of people i knew got their permanent residency in this manner. You can also apply for a work permit directly if you get hired by a Canadian company but this is harder to to do. People should be careful of spammy company that doesn't really exist but only serve to collect private financial information from unsuspecting people and then they misuse the information collected. With work permit if you are lucky, having worked in Canada for a few years, you can also apply for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Another way people come to Canada is by legal marriages. Be aware of fake marriages. If caught for illegal marriages or the purpose of getting permanent residency in Canada, you could easily have blown your chances of ever hoping to come to Canada. If you happen to marry a Canadian resident such as a Citizen or permanent residence, he or she will sponsor you to live with him or her legally. You will need to prove that your marriage is truthfully and not fake by providing photos of your marriage, your emails, text messages, wedding cards, religious documents, marriage certificate and many other documents. If your marriage is done legally, there is nothing to worry about. Just be honest in your application and don't give any chance of a doubt for the immigration officer to suspect you as a case of fraud.
answered by Orlando Berg (156 points)
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