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When buying a Washing machine and Dryer machine, should i also buy the extended Warranty from Home Depot?

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My old clothes washing machine had finally quit on me after being used for many years and i have decided to get a new washing machine. I never had a Dryer before and never needed one before but i realized that during winter months i definitely need it. Sometimes when i have guests come over for a short stay at my house, i learned that there are just too many clothes to hang dry and space is limited in my house. The only solution i could think of is to buy a new dryer machine. Since my old washing machine broke down, so i thought it would be a good idea to buy the washing machine and dryer machine together. I saw in some advertisement that if i buy two machines together i could get a combined discount.

I went to Home depot to check out the deals on both washing machine and dryer machine,and i kinda like Samsung brand machines. They look sleek and quite nicely built when compared to other brands like LG and whirlpool. The salesman told me that Samsung parts are easier to get if it breaks down whereas LG, whirlpool and other company parts are harder to get. I don't know if it is one of those sales tactics the salesman are using. Probably they get a better commission on Samsung products. The salesman also mentioned that i need to buy the extended 4 years warranty for peace of mind in case my machines breaks down after the 1 year warranty. Now for this matter, i am sort of undecided whether i should buy the extended warranty or not. The extended warranty price wasn't cheap either. Does anyone have any experience on this matter?
asked in Rouyn - Noranda by Barbara Watson (142 points)

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2 Answers

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It is a good idea to buy both the Washing machine and the Dryer together because you can get some good discounts. I got a combined discount of $100 from Home Depot the last time i purchased mine. When it comes to company brands to buy, i was hesitant to buy Samsung Brand since i thought that Samsung makes good mobile phones and other electronics. But washing machine? i was skeptical at first. My uncle who lives in Vancouver told me that his Samsung washing machine and dryer lasted him almost 6 years now and still going on strong without any repairs as of yet. I went online and did a search on Samsung Brand washing machine and dryer and didn't like what i saw about the bad comments. There were good comments too in the internet about Samsung Brand. For some reason i ended up getting the Samsung Brand.

I opted for the extended warranty even though the price seemed heavy at first for both washing machine and dryer. I paid almost $400 for both extended warranty for washing machine and dryer. I don't regret it in anyway because last week i felt that my washing machine was making kinda loud noise during the last spin cycle. I called Samsung customer support and they were pretty quick in sending out a technician to come take a look at the washing machine. The repair guy came and found no problem with the washing machine, only that it wasn't mounted on a steady flat base floor. i had it put on a wooden board with wheels underneath, so i could pull the washing machine out when i need to access the space behind it.

Just out of curiosity, i asked the technician how much it will cost just for them to make a visit to check out my washing machine and dryer. He said it will cost $120 plus taxes but since mine was covered under Samsung warranty, it cost nothing for me. If in case i call them privately, it will cost me $120 just for a visit but this fees is waived if any further actual repairs is done. I told him that i bought the extended 4 years warranty from Home Depot in addition to the manufacturer 1 year warranty. He said it was a good choice i made because repairs are expensive with Appliances and in some cases it is always better to buy a new one instead of repairing old ones when the warranty is over. The same goes for repairing mobile phones too. These days, mobile phones are much cheaper than before and you could go for a medium priced phones if you can't afford a high end phone.

If you are looking to buy a washing machine and clothes dryer for your home, I feel home depot has the best prices and deals. You can order them online and have them delivered to you or you can choose to pick it up at any stores nearby your place at Homedepot.ca
answered by Victor Adams (127 points)
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answered by Warranty Check

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