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How to deal with insomnia, a sleep disorder that makes it very difficult for me to fall asleep or staying asleep at night?

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I used to think that I couldn't fall asleep because I wasn't tired enough and that I needed to make myself very tired to fall asleep. I didn't know such condition exist with people and it is actually called insomnia. I only thought the problem was simply just me being distracted with things happening in my life.

Although at times I made myself tired doing physical work or exercises I still can't go to sleep with a sound mind. It takes quite a long time for me to fall asleep each night and if during my sleep I get up to use washroom, I can't fall back to sleep easily. Sometimes I get up too early before my rising time and my mind is fully active then. Upon waking up, I could still feel my sleep was incomplete and I don't feel a complete refreshed mind and body in the Morning.

When in the morning, I get irritated quickly and I can't seem to focus mentally on whatever I try to do. I find that my memory isn't as strong as what it used to be, I keep forgetting little things here and there. I haven't come to that stage where I would need medical intervention or something of that sort yet. It isn't the right time to see a doctor as yet since it only began last month and hopefully it will go away on its own soon.

I will say this is some type of chronic insomnia in my case because it happens at least about 3 nights every week. The other days I am lucky I can fall asleep right away. I was strongly contemplating to take sleeping pills to help me fall asleep. Does anyone have any idea if sleeping pills will help in the long run? Will I get addicted to taking sleeping pills?
asked in Prince Albert by Rita Banks (120 points)

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2 Answers

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Insomnia is nothing new and it has been a source of health problems for a lot of people in the world. Due to lack of sleep or in ability to remain asleep during the night, many other health problems creep up to you. I have heard of incidents where an auto accident happened because the driver fell asleep while driving and when the police did a further investigation it was found that the driver had insomnia and couldn't get a good night sleep for many days before leading to the time he got into a crash.

Did you also know that people who has extremely a lot of acne or pimples are those who couldn't get a proper good night's sleep? Doing exercise and working out doing some physical work will help to make you tired enough to sleep at night. I understand that people with insomnia gets irritated and frustrated with things easily but that is just because their body didn't get enough rest to carry on for the rest of the day. Your mind is yearning for a restful sleep but your body isn't allowing your mind to calm down and fall asleep. Insomnia if not treated in a timely manner can lead to heart problems and high blood pressure. You will also find that your memory starts to get weaker and your concentration level is down most of the time.

This sleeping problem not only happens to most young people but also to people of all ages including infants too. Sleeping pills are not the solution to this sleeping problem. You can become too addicted to these sleeping pills to the point that you can't even sleep a wink without taking those sleeping pills. Even having your sleep problem been diagnosed at the sleep clinic doesn't do much to help. Those clinic only test to see if your breathing affects your sleep pattern like in some people's case, their breathing stops at night for 10 sec to 30 sec (Sleep Apnea). Although sleep apnea may not be a problem to most people suffering from it but when people gets older it can lead to a severe heart attack.

1. One of the simple solution to deal with insomnia is to keep a check on the food that you eat. Avoid eating sweet stuff at your dinner time. This is because when your blood sugar is high during the night your body becomes hyper active. With the high level of sugar in your body, and not much physical activity to burn off the extra sugar in your body, your body remains awake. Even if you managed to catch a wink here and there, your sleep won't be much fulfilling. But make sure that you eat well during your dinner and that your stomach is pretty full already. You can't fall asleep on an empty stomach as well. Some people can but not me. I need to have full stomach for at least one hour before bed.

 2. One expert on sleep problem suggest that you have a hot shower 1 hour before going to bed. Then you should not watch any television or videos at all before bed. You are only allowed to read news or read some books for 1 hour and no physical activity as well. Very soon you will find yourself falling asleep in no time. I tried this method and avoided watching YouTube videos or Netflix and it really helps in a big way. I only read news on my tablet or phone until I start to fall asleep.

3. Practice meditation in a quiet place and play some background instrumental music in the background. The proper way to practise meditation is to focus on something peaceful and positive that you love and keep your mind empty and happy throughout the meditation. For example, you could imagine yourself with your loved ones laying around in a beautiful beach In some tropical country, or float yourself into the beauty of the vast universe night sky with no end in sight.

Do the above things and change your personal habits little by little. You won't be able to make a full change overnight, so take it one step at a time.  Very soon you will find it easier to sleep peacefully at night and your insomnia problem gone forever.
answered by John Wakeman (162 points)
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Watch video on "Insomnia sleep disorder and what you can do to get your beauty sleep" :

answered by Insomnia Cure

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