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How do i completely squeeze out all the vaseline body lotion from its plastic bottle?

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As many of you may have experienced the same problem as i do, the Vaseline body lotion plastic bottle is designed in such a way that i am unable to squeeze out the body lotion at a certain remaining level. When i put the plastic bottle up to the lights, i can see quite a lot of remaining body lotion left in the bottle but trying to squeeze the pump wouldn't push out any body lotion. Take a look at the picture below and you will see what type of plastic bottle i am talking about:

Vaseline Intensive Care

Although many people would suggest that i open the plastic bottle by turning the knob near the top and then turn it upside down until the body lotion comes out. All this takes time for the body lotion to drip down and who has the patience to wait for it to drip down. And if you have to use the body lotion everyday, it is a very tedious thing to do as a regular routine thing. Any ideas would be appreciated.

asked in Summerside by Debra Baker (126 points)

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2 Answers

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A lot of the company which manufactures cream lotions and liquid soaps design their plastic bottles in such a way as to make it difficult for consumers to completely use up the content. They do it in the hope that the customer would buy their product sooner rather than later, so they can have more business from selling their product faster and meeting their sales target. Whereas there is nothing illegal for the company to conduct such practice, we as consumers can should be informed ourselves that such is the case and how we could overcome the problem ourselves.

There is a very simple solution to the problem that you just mentioned in regards to how you can possibly fully use up the body lotion in your vaseline plastic bottle. Take a look at the picture below and you will understand how simple it is: 

Vaseline Body Lotion Hack

1. Hold the plastic bottle up against the light and estimate how much body lotion is left inside the bottle. You won't be able to see clearly, just an estimate of the level left inside.

2. Use a utility or box cutter knife and slice it all around the plastic bottle just above the level where the body lotion is contained inside.

3. Throw off the upper portion of the cut plastic bottle.

4. Put the bottom portion of the plastic bottle inside a zip lock sandwich bag which you can purchase for cheap from any dollar store in your local area.

5. Whenever you want to use the body lotion, you can use your fingers to dip into the cut out plastic bottle and then apply to your desired area.

That's it. Now you will never waste any body lotion anymore.

answered by Ryan Harris (173 points)
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Watch video on "How to completely take out all the body lotion from its plastic container without wasting a drop?" :

answered by Body lotion

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