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What kind of food should I avoid eating if I am a diabetic patient with a family history of high blood glucose problem?

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High blood sugar or glucose had been a part of family health history which was passed down from generation to generation and I am the unlucky one to inherit this health problem. Even if I don't want to be diabetic, I can't help it but my body just can't handle sugar in my blood. It is all in the makeup of my genes and my DNA. My family physician had said that I could change some daily habits and routines to compensate for regulating the amount of sugar in my blood but so far, in spite of following the recommended suggestion, I still couldn't get my blood glucose level under control.

I had cut down on the amount of sweet food I consume and I still can't seem get to control the level of blood sugar level in my body. Sometimes I feel light headed and dizzy when I don't consume sweet stuff for several days, I guess it is because of my blood glucose level falling too low, after I cut down extremely on eating sweet stuff.

I like to know if other people are facing the same problem as I do and perhaps someone could recommend to me which food i need to avoid in order to keep a check on my blood glucose level daily. Some people say they were able to control their blood glucose level just by avoiding some food and taking more of a certain food. They also changed their daily habits and routine and they were successful in maintaining the blood glucose level in their body at any time.
asked in Charlottetown by ronald marshall (115 points)

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2 Answers

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As a diabetic patient you need to keep a check on your diet. No matter how much medicine or how many doses of insulin you take to try and control your blood sugar, it would not help you. If you continue eating some forbidden food that is believed to make your blood sugar even more worse, guaranteed organ failure and other health complications would rapidly weaken your body. By keeping a check on the food you take, you will be maintaining the amount of doses of medicine or insulin and not allowing it to rise further. In fact there have been some rare cases, where diabetic patients had actually improved their health, with their blood sugar level decreasing somehow.

If you have read the news, there had been a case where a young 9 year old boy who was taking regular dosage of insulin in the form of insulin injection, stop taking that because his mum wanted a herbal or homeopathic doctor to treat her son. The mother believed in that doctor so much so that he completely stopped the diabetic medication for her son and instead started her son on the herbal or homeopathic supplements thinking it will cure her son of the diabetes problem. Instead her son passed away in few days due to extremely high level of sugar in his blood leading to organ failure throughout his body. So never take heed to the words of the homeopathic doctors who says they can cure diabetes problem. Nobody in the world at this time can cure diabetes problem. They can control diabetes and maintain it at a safe level but curing it, is still beyond the figments of human imagination.

1. Avoid sweetened carbonated beverages especially canned ones. Even the ones that claims to be healthy drinks such as the orange juice, apply juice, grape juice, peach juice and all other packaged drinks are not suited for diabetic patients. Consuming them once in a while is okay as long as it is consumed at a lower amount. Instead, make your own fresh juice and store them in your fridge to be consumed daily. Canned drinks can never replace fresh juice in terms of pureness and health wise.

2. Avoid food containing trans fat which can cause you to become insulin resistance. In other words, your body will not react as much as normal when injected with insulin. This could make you inject more insulin into your body making you even more vulnerable to high blood sugar. Margarines, Peanut butter, spreads and creamers all have trans fat.

3. Avoid white bread, white rice and pastas. These food are high in carbs and it is widely known in the scientific world what harm these food can do to our body with people suffering from diabetes. They dramatically increases the level of sugar in your blood stream very quickly, in some cases making a person feel dizzy, light headed and weak. Choose brown bread and brown rice to replace white rice and white bread.

4. Avoid honey and maple syrup. As much as many Canadians loves their maple syrup, they need to know that consuming them could cause spikes in their blood sugar level. Even if you desperately want to have them, make it a very small amount just for tasting to satisfy your craving. There is no worst enemy than our desire to consume the things that will lead to our deadly health problems.

5. Avoid french fries. This is another Canadian favorite food that could potentially destroy anyone's health. From kids to elderly, people from all backgrounds and colors, they all love to eat french fries. What makes it dangerous is it is made with potatoes which is a no no for a diabetic patient. Besides the potatoes are fried in trans fat oil which further complicates your diabetic health problem.

6. Avoid onions in your diet if possible. For some strange reason, this is one of the food to avoid in a diabetic patient's list. In fact according to some researcher, anything that grows underneath the soil such as potatoes and onion are bad for your blood sugar problem. If you don't believe it, then you can try an experiment and measure your blood sugar level before and after eating these foods.
answered by Gina Turner (144 points)
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Watch video on "25 most dangerous food for Diabetes people to avoid" :

answered by Diabetic Advice

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