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Are Canadian physicists more amenable than those in academia of other countries towards recognizing the corroborated predictions of the Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics of Herman Haus, John Farrell, Randell Mills and Huub Bakker

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The Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics(GUT-CP) has many of its thousands of predictions corroborated by third parties.The predictions that were corroborated are: the accelerating expansion of the universe, the electron falling below gound state, the electron falling below ground state releases energy, which energy is being used by a competitor of the inventor to make a device that exploits this method of producing energy, this model of the electron was used to help develop a better version of the Free Electron Laser, Huub Bakker is using this model of the electron to develop an anti-gravity device.
asked in Toronto (GTA) by cashme (108 points)

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2 Answers

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Canadian physicists have contributed in some ways to the grand unified theory of classical physics. Though not the main leader in such fields, whatever contributions given by Canadians was invaluable and had an astounding impact upon which other scientist had built on. I agree Canada may not be the leading nation in conducting research on such matter, but it should be noted that there are many collaborations between Canadian scientists and other leading nations in conducting further research which will benefit mankind as a whole. Many a case, a simple startup ideas was created by Canadians and other people from around the world would catch up on that matter and built something new based on what Canadians have started with.
answered by Jimmy Jackson (107 points)
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Watch video on " what is the grand unified field theory?" :

answered by Grandtheory

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