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Are Canadian physicists more amenable than those in academia of other countries towards recognizing the corroborated predictions of the Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics of Herman Haus, John Farrell, Randell Mills and Huub Bakker

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The Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics(GUT-CP) has many of its thousands of predictions corroborated by third parties.The predictions that were corroborated are: the accelerating expansion of the universe, the electron falling below gound state, the electron falling below ground state releases energy, which energy is being used by a competitor of the inventor to make a device that exploits this method of producing energy, this model of the electron was used to help develop a better version of the Free Electron Laser, Huub Bakker is using this model of the electron to develop an anti-gravity device.
asked in Toronto (GTA) by cashme (106 points)

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