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Why is it that a lot of young people from around the world, have their application for tourist visa to Canada being rejected so often?

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I have some friends from India and they were rejected even for a simply tourist visa to Canada. I understand that I have to sponsor their visit to Canada and that I need to prove that I can either support their stay financially or they can support their stay here by themselves. After going through those arrangements and proving enough funds, the case was still rejected.

Strangely enough, my other relatives had their case rejected 2 times but he got it approved the 3rd time after he got married and had a son. The first 2 times, he was still a single guy but he was working as well during those times. What is necessary to show and prove so that there is a better chance of getting tourist visa for canada?
asked in Laval / North Shore by Abdul Fahari (146 points)

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2 Answers

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The Canadian Immigration official doesn't want people to come illegally to Canada with a tourist visa and then overstay their visit here in Canada, and end up living illegally. There have been many cases where young people come to Canada with a tourist visa, they overstay their visit and doesn't leave the country. They work illegally (earning cash without paying any tax) and strange enough they are allowed to get their drivers license too. They can open a bank account and do a lot of things which legal immigrants can do except that they do not get free health care and they cannot work legally in a Canadian company. A lot of the young people in that case works at restaurants where cash is often the best way to pay the employees. The employer takes advantage of their situation and pays those illegal person very less amount of money. Although the police finds out about those illegal persons overstaying their visit here in Canada, oddly they still can't deport that person. it is up to the border and immigration people to do the deportation work but in most cases deportation never happens. If they are lucky then they find a suitable partner and gets married. In the end, they get their permanent residence and even citizenship. Many people complaint that the government wasn't doing much to prevent this from happening which is why these days it is so much stricter for young people to even get a tourist visa.

If you are a young person who genuinely wants to visit Canada as a tourist and need to get a tourist visa:

1. You must prove that you have enough ties in your own country that will keep you from overstaying your visit here in Canada. For example, you have a good business or job, houses and properties, family members such as spouse and children, enough finances in your bank account.

2. If you are a bachelor, you might have a tougher chance of getting your tourist visa but you should keep trying several times. I have seen people get their tourist visa after the 3rd time they failed to get it. If you are married and have children and apply as a family, you stand a better chance of getting tourist visa for all of your family members including you. The immigration department have nothing to fear about you overstaying your visit in Canada.

3. You also need to show them the various country you have visited and not overstayed in any of the country you visited. This will be the stamps shown in your passport pages.

4. If anyone in your family members have had a red flag marked on them for overstaying in another country or Canada, you will have a tough time getting your tourist visa as well. This is because the Immigration department will connect you with the actions of your family members and automatically assume your intentions of overstaying here in Canada.

5. If they find inconsistency in your application where they feel that you misrepresented some facts about yourself in the application, then it could very well be one of the important reason why they reject young people.

6. You also need to prove that when you do come to Canada as tourist, that you will have enough funds to cover your entire stay here without depending on any of your relatives in Canada financially.
answered by Justin Gibson (153 points)
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Watch video on "The most common reasons why your visitor visa to Canada was refused and what you can do about it." :

answered by Country Visa

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