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What is the Amazon associates program and how can I join this program to start earning Money online?

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I have been searching online for various ways to earn money online because just like many other people, I would love to be able to earn money online full time. I wish that I could one day quit my day to day job, which I had to travel far to work at every day. It is a dream of every people to be able to be free from the stress of having to travel to work each day. How nice it would be for me if i could work at my home office instead and earn as much as what I earn from my day job.

I hit upon this Amazon associates program thing and I am not sure exactly how this program works and will it be worth the time and effort to try this out? Does it cost any money or fees to join this program? Is this program actually by the giant Amazon website company? Did anyone really earn much money from this program?
asked in Charlottetown by Chloe Liang (173 points)

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2 Answers

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The Amazon associate program (also known as Amazon Affiliate) is run by the Amazon company (The online giant) and it allows ordinary people like anyone to be able to earn a commission, by referring or promoting a product in any ways, and when customer ends up purchasing that item referred by you. It is not an easy task though to earn money this way but never the less, people have earned a fortune using this same amazon associate program. It takes patience and research and lots of hard work to reach the amount of sales that some people achieved. 

It is the same when people say it is very hard and almost impossible to earn huge amount of money through ebay or amazon, yet there were some people who made millions through selling stuff in ebay. Take for example, one guy earned a million dollars selling golf balls through ebay online and he became rich not in one night or one month or one year. It took him a long time to achieve that but he finally did it after lots of hard work and dedication to this goal of selling millions of dollars of golf balls.

How this Amazon associate program works is like this:

1. You sign up for the Amazon Associate Program.

2. You choose from over a million of products from Amazon website and then you promote your chosen product on your own website, blogs, advertisement, Youtube videos, Twitter, Instagram or any other ways you can think of. There is usually a website link given by Amazon automatically that you use and insert that link into your own website or other places. This link contains your Amazon associate IDs and is used to identify if anyone purchases some products through your link, you get a commission.

3. Now comes the important part where someone makes a purchase on the link you provided and referred to. You will get a commission out of this transaction because you did the hard work of referring people to Amazon links containing your link IDs. How much do you earn exactly? According to Amazon site, it says up to 10% commission in advertising fees. What does this mean? It simply means that you don't earn 10% on the sales price of the product you referred. You only earn on the advertising fees paid by the seller to Amazon. In other words, you are sharing up to 10% of the advertising fees paid by the seller to Amazon. The other 90% of the advertising fees stays with Amazon. 

For example, you promote cell phone in your own website through Amazon associate program links for $1000. Someone actually clicks on your Amazon affiliate program link and made a purchase. Now, you don't get 10% of sales $1000 = $100. You only get 10% of Advertising fees paid by seller to Amazon. So if the seller paid advertising fees of $40 for listing the cell phone on Amazon website, you get 10% of this amount ($40) which will give you a commission of $4. I find it very tough and uneasy to earn money this way unless you have lots of visitor to your own website and you need to convince them to make a purchase through your Amazon affiliate link.

4. There is also the strict condition of time frame sales. You need to make your first sale by 3 months i believe, and if you can't make it, your membership with Amazon Associate program will be cancelled. Besides you need to have a certain amount of sales per 3 months or something else you risk your Amazon Associate program account of being cancelled. 

answered by Ben Morris (145 points)
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Watch video on "How does the Amazon Affiliate program works?" :

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