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What is the easiest and the fastest way to relieve sore back ache and pain, which was caused due to extended hours of sitting at my work place?

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A lot of people are facing the same backache and back pain problem as I am facing. It is mainly due to long hours of sitting at a work place but we can't help it since our work demands us to sit on our chair for long hours. It helps to have a good office manager style chair to sit on during work, but for a lot of us, our work chairs are very hard and uncomfortable to sit on. Complaining to the boss does little to replace those chairs. Instead I try to bring about some adjustments on my own like bringing in an extra layer of cushion I bought from some retail stores.

After many years of sitting with a bad posture I started to feel pain in my back at a young age and I wonder what is going to happen when I get older and I still continue to work in the same place sitting in the same kind of lousy chair. I am not sure if my back will last into those years. My family physician did refer me to some massage therapist and the massages did help in some way but there is only so much of massage that can be done paid by my work insurance. I do not like to have to spend my own money on massages therapy. If work insurance benefits covers it, I would go for it and if not, then I won't go for it. I find massage therapy to be quite temporary lasting only for a few days after the therapy. Then after that, the back ache and pain is back again. At one time, when I got up from my sleep, I could hardly bend down to brush my teeth in the morning. Neither could I stand up straight and walk normally. It was painful. I started getting stiff neck also which I could feel radiating from my neck to my toe.

Initially I thought my Mattress was to be blamed for the pain in my back. But I recently purchased a brand new Mattress with a firm orthopedic mattress which cost about a thousand of dollars to buy them. I thought my back pain would go away now that this brand new Mattress is here with me. I was wrong and I still continued feeling my sore back pain. I finally realised and came to a conclusion that it was the chair at my work place that was giving me the problem and nothing else.
asked in Summerside by Brian Malone (155 points)

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2 Answers

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1. The first culprit that anyone would actually blame is the mattress they sleep on. Without any investigation of the cause of the back ache and pain, people like to point their fingers at a bad mattress. It is true that mattress is very important in preventing a bad back pain but it is not the only reason. 

2. Bad sitting posture in a slouched position for long hours causes back ache too, The quality of the chair you sit on will determine if you can maintain your back pain problems or not. Having a good quality chair could go a long way in getting rid of your back ache problems. If you can't afford a high quality chair, buying those back rest mesh lumbar support will provide you with comfort in your stressful hours of work.

3. If you can afford it through your company benefits program, you should regularly go for a professional massage therapy at least once a month. Your body needs proper blood circulation especially after long hours of sitting in a chair with your mind and body undergoing stress from your work.

4. An alternative cheaper way of providing you with daily massage would be a buy a Shiatsu full back and body massager from ebay. Although some of the product may sound pricey and expensive at first but it is way cheaper than going to a massage therapist regularly. This body massager will provide you with the same professional full body massage while in the comfort of your own home without the need to go to a massage clinic.

5. If your pain is really unbearable, you could take a pain reliever like Tylenol or Advil for short term use only. Do not take it for long term as you become depended on it for your survival. Without it then you can't function normally. Take precaution as you could become addicted to pain relievers easily.

6. Get enough daily exercise such as walking, biking, swimming, sports or just about any physical activities. The idea is to loosen up your back muscle and preventing it from becoming stiff. Do not lie down on your back for too long hours as this will worsen your back ache and pain. Contrary to what advice a Doctor may provide about the need to lie down often to give rest to your back, you need to move a lot more instead. 

7. Applying heat pads to your back regularly helps in relieving your back pain. Use a rubber heat pad with hot water filled inside or use the ones you find at pharmacy stores.

answered by Lei Chung (180 points)
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Watch video on "Several ways you need to understand the causes and solutions for your back pain" :

answered by Backsolution

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