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Which is a good tablet to buy for my niece for her birthday?

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I am not looking for a very expensive tablet for my niece, just as long as it plays YouTube without much lag and she is able to play games in it. Also having Camera or not, is not a concern if at least she can browse through pictures in Facebook. Cheap tablet doesn't mean horrible quality and durability. Price range of $300 - $400 should be reasonable. With so many tablet on the market it can be hard to decide which is a good tablet.


asked in Moose Jaw by Scott Smith (200 points)

1 Answer

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If price is a concern for you then you should go for the Nexus 7 tablet. Although this is a pretty old tablet model released in 2013, it still competes with a lot of other present day tablets. The screen resolution easily beats the Samsung Tab 4 and the movies, videos runs much faster. The lag is not as much as with Samsung or other tablet. Its camera is not good but who takes pictures with a tablet anyways.

If you have the money to splash, then an ipad is definitely the best option. The build quality and specs is quite amazing and had earned much praise from tech electronics industry. Try not to go for the 16gb one though because very soon you will find yourself out of space. a 64bg tablet will be comfortable enough to store all your apps, photos and any updates in the future. The updates from Apple usually takes up quite a lot of memory space and with 16gb tablet, you will soon find that you can't update anymore due to the space limit requirements.
answered by Kate Hussain (194 points)

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