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Which phone carrier's voice and data signal is better - (Fido / ChatR) VS (Lucky Mobile / Virgin Mobile)?

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For years, I had been faithful to Fido phone carrier and then I changed to ChatR phone carrier for a few years but I didn't realise I wasn't getting the best service I wanted, all these years. First of all, as most of you would know that Fido and ChatR both run on the same network as Rogers network and they both are the subsidiary companies of Rogers. I thought I was using the best network in Town until I discovered that I kept losing cell phone signal even while I was in my own house.

I never really had full bar signal at my house especially when I am Inside my house. It got worse as years went by, that I have to step outside my house to dial a phone call. My relatives were complaining to me that they can't reach me at all at my number and it always goes straight to my voicemail. First I thought it must be problem with my phone itself but I upgraded to a new Samsung phone and still I can't get good signal at my house. So I decided to bid farewell to Fido and ChatR and want to explore other phone carrier such as running on Bell or Telus cell phone network. Does anyone has any experience using Virgin Mobile or Lucky Mobile Phone carrier?
asked in Brantford by Jimmy Jackson (107 points)

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2 Answers

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From my past honest experience with Fido and ChatR, I haven't had good phone signal with them. I too used to experience problem trying to make calls or receiving calls when I am Inside my own house. My house wasn't even located in some rural areas or country outskirts. I live right in the heart of the city and I still experience phone signal problem in my house, inside a mall, inside some plazas or shops. I only get good signals when I am outside and not under any roof. This problem is so frustrating especially during the winter months when I constantly had to go outside to receive or make calls.

Fido and ChatR data signal is also not very good for me. They come and go often and I had a hard time connecting to internet when I am indoors. For many years, I stuck with these two phone company too thinking that since they run on Rogers Network, their service signal should be good. I used to think that other phone carrier network can't compete with Rogers network and so I didn't bother to change to any other phone carrier.

But one day, something made me changed my decision. My relatives had come to visit me in my house and he was getting very good phone signals, meanwhile I couldn't barely get even one bar inside my house. So I asked him which phone carrier does he uses. He said "Lucky Mobile". I laughed at him and thought he was stupid to use lucky mobile. He mentioned that he gets good signal everywhere he goes and it was worth every penny for signing up for "Lucky Mobile". He did a search online for reviews on Lucky Mobile and the reviews looked good. So he changed from Rogers network to "Lucky Mobile". I didn't know earlier that "Lucky Mobile" runs on Bell network and the same goes for Virgin Mobile.

That got me interested and I quickly asked to try out his Lucky Mobile Sim Card on my phone and really I was amazed how good the phone signal was. Even though the Data's speed were restricted to 3G speed of 3mbps, it was showing 4G LTE speed sign on my phone. I found the data 3G speed good enough for everyday less speed consuming apps use. Streaming videos also was quite fast surprisingly with Lucky Mobile. From that moment on, I was made a convert to Lucky Mobile. The very next day, I ported my existing phone number to Lucky Mobile and I was very happy and satisfied with their phone signals with voice and data connection.

So for anybody who are hesitating about trying out Lucky Mobile, I say go for it without worrying about phone signal problems. They run on Bell network and I have found that Bell network has the best internet network for both phone Data's and Home Wifi Internet in Canada.
answered by Lucky Mobile Fan
Whenever i used a Fido or Chatr sim card on my phone to make calls or using Data, my phone gets really hot fast. Even sometimes for no reason my phone gets hot while in my pocket. I guess the phone is trying to get connection signals for voice and data through the Fido / Chatr Sim card. later when i changed my phone company to Lucky Mobile / Virgin mobile, those heated phone issues disappeared and went away. Strange as it might sound, but it happened to me.
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Watch video on "Fido VS Lucky Mobile Data Speed Test Reviews":

answered by Try Lucky Mobile

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