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Which phone app or Smart TV app gives free Asian Drama TV Shows such as Korean Drama, Taiwanese drama, Chinese Drama, Japanese Drama in Canada?

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I have been a big fan of Asian Drama Show for many years and I used to love watching using Dramfever App or online. The very first time, I was hesitant to watch Asian drama when my friend first suggested them to me. I mean I love watching English TV series and thought nothing of the Asian TV Drama Shows. I was blown away by the type of wonderful story line that Adrian drama shows has, compared to English TV show.

The Asian drama shows emphasize a lot more on the emotional side of the story and touches the very core of human emotions at times, which English TV shows does not. A lot more detail and dramatization are displayed on the story line and the emotions lingers all throughout the Drama. Ever since I started watching Asian Drama, I couldn't stop watching them.

Unfortunately drama fever shut down right when I was in the middle of a nice Asian Drama Movies. According to the internet, drama fever was bought out by another company which then shut down the services because they weren't making much money with this service. Now I am on the hunt for another Asian Drama Movie App which will provide similar watching experience, even if there are Ads that occurs every now and then during the Drama Show. Drama fever also had ads appearing in between Drama Shows and I didn't mind them.
asked in Laurentides by I love Asian Drama

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4 Answers

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Although Drama Fever closed down for quite sometime now, there are always other websites which will allow access to Asian Drama Movies. Just like when pirate bay closed down, another similar website popped up to take its place. The only difference was that pirate bay was illegal downloads of files, musics, movies, softwares and many other stuff. Dramafever was a legit company providing legit Asian Drama content, but they shut down due to being bought out by another company and then closed down after that. Apparently it became quite unprofitable for them to secure the original Asian Drama Content and get enough subscriber to cover the cost. This is one of the main reason they shut down.

Nothing to worry about the shutdown, like i said another website and app had popped up already. it is called "Rakuten Viki" phone app or smart TV app. This app is available in Android, IOS and also on Roku streaming stick or Roku Smart TV. Rakuten Viki is very similar to Drama fever and it shows Ads as well to cover the cost of showing Asian Drama. It has Korean Drama, Chinese Drama, Taiwanese Drama, and Japanese Drama. Subtitle is available for each of the Asian Drama and the overall Video quality of the shows are great. I didn't feel there was any lag in streaming the Asian Drama. If you wanted to continue where you left off in one of the Asian Drama Movies, you will need to have signed in to your "Viki" Account to do so. If you have done so, you should sign up for a account here. Otherwise you won't be able to continue where you left off in the Asian Drama Movies.

answered by Rakuten Viki Fan
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Watch video on "Introduction to Rakuten Viki phone app":

answered by Intro Rakuten Viki
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Watch video on "Rakuten Viki introduction in any language":

answered by Viki Language Option
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Watch video on "How to download any Asian Drama Movies in Rakuten Viki App in Android":

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