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How to fight the Flu, Cough and Running nose in Canada, without taking medication?

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Every year during the cold winter season, I always get the Flu and starts coughing and sneezing like crazy. I hate the feeling of having to go through the days with running nose and blocked nose due to the flu. I even started coughing up mucus but my cough seemed quite stubborn and had been around for almost one and a half month.

Taking medicine prescribed by the Doctor hardly helped much. Instead it made me feel weak and sleepy all the time. When I started to feel a bit better, I continued the medicine and still I couldn't get well completely. At least, the running nose had stopped but the persistent cough was still bad. I feel that somehow the prescription drugs makes it worse for our bodies to fight the flu.

Cold Flu

asked in Victoria by Jake Lee (202 points)

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1 Answer

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(1) When you start to feel that you are falling sick, you must take enough rest and start keeping warm.

(2) Do not go out into the cold during the winter months and don't stay too long outside in the freezing temperature.

(3) Drink plenty of water because you will be losing quite a lot of fluid through your running nose.

(4) Mix one teaspoon of salt into a cup of hot water (Not boiling water but hot enough to touch) and gargle with this mixture of water.

(5) Drink herbal tea only and stop drinking coffee if you are a daily coffe drinker.

(6) Take Vitamin C Supplement daily until you get fully well.

(7) Mix some pure lemon juice with pure honey.and then drink this solution.

You can take the medicine prescribed by the Doctor for maximum one week after which you can stop taking them. The reason is that after one week if your condition doesn't improve, it means the virus in your body has gotten use to the medicinal drugs prescribed by your Doctor. So the only sensible thing to do, would be to use natural ways to combat the virus as mentioned above.
answered by Andrew Randall (196 points)

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