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How do I shop for the best car insurance quote without compromising on cheap insurance and bad quality customer service?

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When it comes to shopping for car auto insurance, people are confused and scared to shop around for the best deal. They tend to stay with their current auto insurance company because honestly it is quite a lot of homework you would be doing, if you have to call numerous auto insurance company for quotes. I too am facing the same problem. I have been with my auto insurance company for almost 14 years but when I found out that they hiked my monthly premium by almost 50%, I decided that was enough of a rip off for me.

I am worried though that cheap insurance company could translate to bad quality customer service when it comes for time to claim. I heard some of my friends having trouble contacting their cheap insurance company. Some of them actually had to go through nightmare situation for the claim process and in the end, they are left with little or no protection at all for their claim. One of them had his car repaired at some car repair facility recommended by insurance company, and this car repair shop did an extremely poor job. When asked why the result was disappointing, they simply said insurance doesn't pay them enough to do a proper job. You get what you pay for.
asked in Sept - lles by Auto insurance Search

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1 Answer

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Shopping for auto insurance came be nerve racking for some people but it doesn't have to be this way. With a little help and guidance you should be able to pick the right auto insurance company for less. Never mind if you have been with a single auto insurance company for a very long time, you might just find a better quote than yours currently. Some auto insurance company are increasing the monthly premium for their clients without any good reason, even though you may not have had a single claim for the longest time. When this happens to you, it is a good indication you must switch to a cheaper auto insurance provider.

1. Rather than meet agents in person, you should do an online auto quotes by filling out some quick info about yourself and your car. Do an online search for several auto insurance company and then when you find the best one you like, you should then give them a call to discuss details and ask them any questions you may have. Meeting with agents will be the last step when you have finally decided on that one auto insurance company you want. You will need to sign an agreement with that agent in the last step. Keep in mind, that contract is usually lasting for one year whichever auto insurance company you sign up with. Try lowestrates.ca to do a comparison between several auto insurance company.

2. In order to get an online auto insurance quote, you may need to provide the following information to the auto insurance company you are obtaining quotes from.

* Make, Model and Year of your car
* Your drivers license number
* Vehicle Identification Number
* Social security number
* How long have you had your car
* Your car's mileage reading.
* How long have you been insured in the past
* How many kilometers do you travel to and from work
* Do you park your car in your driveway or inside your garage
* How much is your vehicle worth currently
* Did you have any insurance claims in the past

3. Choose the level of coverage you need. If your car is old and not worth much money, you can remove some of the comprehensive collision coverage because even if you make a claim in the future, the auto insurance company will give you as much as only what your old car is worth. By removing some of these coverage, your monthly insurance premium will decrease as well.

4. If you increase your deductible, your monthly auto insurance premium will decrease. On the other hand, if you decrease your deductible, your monthly auto insurance premium will increase. What this deductible means is that in case of accident claims, you will pay the upfront amount as mentioned in your deductible amount you agreed upon at the time of contract, the remaining amount of the cost will be handled by your auto insurance company.

5. Be aware that if you also buy home insurance from the same company you are asking quotes from, they tend to give further discount if you combine both auto and home insurance. Sometimes it could be as high as 15% discount.

6. Talk to your friends and families, ask them about their experiences with their insurance company. Chances are they could be getting a better deal than you are, and they can refer you to their insurance company.

7. Do an online search for auto insurance company reviews in Google and you will be surprised to find all the good and the bad reviews regarding a particular auto insurance company. Avoid the problematic insurance company and go for the one that has the best reviews. Some auto insurance company have great prices but very poor customer service when it comes to claims time.
answered by Auto Insurance Company Deal

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