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How to fix an office leather manager chair which keep losing air and sinking down?

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I have been using an office leather manager chair in my home, which I bought from staples five years ago. Recently the chair had started to lose air and couldn't stay at a certain desired height anymore. Instead the chair starts sinking down until it hits the bottom and couldn't sink any further. This means that I constantly needed to pump air into its system by lifting its side lever several times. Then after few minutes, the chair sinks to its lowest bottom height again. I can't sit in this chair anymore because I can't continuously keep pumping air into its system every now and then.

I wanted to buy a new office chair but I am on a tight budget and would not be able to afford a new office chair in the near future. I don't believe in buying a second hand office chair either from other sources because of hygienic reason. I feel disgusted to use some chair which was sat on by other people and then sold to me. So buying a second hand office chair is surely out of question for me.
asked in Banff / Canmore by Riley Shaw (141 points)

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1 Answer

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It is very easy to solve this problem with your office chair. You do not need to order any parts and you do not need to buy a new chair. All you need to do is to find a PVC pipe connector roughly about the size of your chair bottom vertical steel extension in the centre. Unscrew the bottom part of your chair with a screwdriver and then attach the PVC connector onto it, threading it through the centre vertical steel frame. Screw back the bottom part of your chair and now your chair will not sink down anymore. However, you won't be able to adjust your chair height anymore, even if you pump air into your chair by lifting the side lever. Below is a picture of the quick fix that i did to prevent the office chair from going down.

answered by Andrew Randall (196 points)

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