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How to fix Kenmore Refrigerator when the top Freezer is freezing fine but the lower Fridge area is not cooling properly and has Luke warm air?

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There were a number of times,  my kenmore Fridge not cooling properly and I found my milk bottles spoiled in a few days time. First I thought I probably bought the milk which was about to expire from the supermarket. But then the second time it happened again in a few days. On proper check of my kenmore refrigerator, I realized that my kenmore Fridge lower area was not cooling properly. Most of the items I touched felt like room temperature. Oh Gosh. No wonder food were getting bad day by day and I didn't know earlier.

I checked the upper freezer area of my white kenmore refrigerator and found it to be working fine. Food inside the upper freezer of my kenmore Fridge was all frozen nice and solid. I am not a technical person at all when it comes to fixing electrical appliance or dealing with anything that has electricity. I am more of a lazy easy come easy go person. I preferably would hire someone to do the fixing part but recently I am in a tight budget living and I can't afford to pay someone to help me fix things. I have to start learning to fix things myself so I could save money. Now I wished I had been more attentive in learning to fix stuff rather than give it to someone to deal with it. I wonder what could be the main reason for my kenmore Fridge upper freezer works good while my kenmore Fridge compartment is struggling to produce any cold air at all. Is there a quick fix for this repair?
asked in Nipawin by Eric

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2 Answers

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There are various reason why your kenmore refrigerator freezer could be working nice and frozen, while your kenmore bottom fridge area is warm with no cold air. Common reasons and solutions are explained below:

1. Check to see that your kenmore refrigerator freezer is not over packed and filled, not allowing any air flow inside the freezer. How the kenmore refrigerator system works is that first it cools the freezer compartment. Then the cold air is drawn from the freezer compartment into the fridge compartment below through a chamber using the evaporator fan located behind the freezer compartment. In an over packed freezer, the cold air just cannot be sucked through into the fridge compartment area. Try removing some frozen stuff from your freezer and allow the cold air to circulate easily.

2. Check to see that your fridge evaporator fan is working properly. With a defective evaporator fan, the cold air from the freezer cannot be pulled into the fridge compartment. When this happens, the freezer compartment will become too cold frozen and the below fridge compartment will be warm. Solution is to replace the evaporator fan. Listen for the evaporator fan to hear if it runs. If not, then this fan has to be replaced with a new one.

3. Check to see if your kenmore Fridge evaporator coil has any frost on it. If it does have frost on it, this means that either your defrost heater assembly or your defrost thermostat is not working properly. They will need to be replaced. To test if this is the problem. Allow your freezer to be unplugged for about 12 hours, after which you plug it back in and see if the same problem happens again. If it does, then it means your defrost heater assembly or defrost thermostat is not working.

4. Check to see if your kenmore refrigerator defrost timer is working or not. Defrost timer controls the cycle of cooling and defrosting for your fridge. If your defrost timer is spoiled, it may stay at one part of the cycle either cooling or defrosting. If it stays at cooling, then your fridge will cool non stop causing frost to build up at the evaporator coil and not allowing any cool air to circulate properly. If it stays at defrost cycle, the cooling will not happen and your freezer and fridge both will become warm. So you need a proper working defrost timer to control the cooling and defrosting cycle.

5. Check your damper control assembly. If this is broken or stuck, not enough cold air can pass through from the freezer compartment into the fridge compartment.

answered by Fridge Repair Guide
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answered by Edgar

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